Null & Peta (2019)

5mAnimação, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comédia



Null é uma garota que perdeu sua irmã Peta em um acidente. Mas ela não se deixa abater, e com suas incríveis habilidades de inventora, ela vai trazer sua irmã de volta na forma de um robô! O problema é que sua irmã renasceu um pouquinho diferente de antes? Venha se divertir com as situações cômicas de Null e sua irmã robô Peta!


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1Sister Complete!

Null is a young genius who misses her older sister, Peta… so she decides to re-create her, using her incredible intellect. The results are not exactly what she anticipated.

2My Big Sister’s Perfect Food!

Peta makes her specialty dish for Null’s breakfast, but even before she was a robot, her cooking could be questionable. It seems like the added processing power and machine strength haven’t done anything for the older sister’s skills in the kitchen.

5My Big Sister Is Dead?!

Space: the Final Frontier. Null has found herself stranded in the vicinity of an abandoned space station in Earth’s orbit, unsure of how to get home. Will Peta be able to save her little sister?

6Big Sister, What’s Your Favorite Snow Cone Flavor?

Null and Peta head to the beach where Null meets a new friend.

7My Big Sister’s Acting Suspicious?!

Peta seems to be up to something that might be putting her in danger, so it’s up to Null to follow her incognito and discover the truth.

8My Big Sister’s Bugging Out!

It’s an invasion! The town has been swarmed by tiny ravenous bugs that are intent on eating everything in sight! Will Null’s scientific know how and Peta’s robotic power be enough to exterminate the scourge?

9My Big Sister’s Brutal With a Hammer!

The tiny bugs that eat everything aren’t so tiny anymore, as they fuse together into a giant entity intent on eating everything in it’s path! Can the sisters stop it before there’s nothing left to save?

10I Think of My Sister, Therefore My Sister Is

Peta has vanished, leaving Null to wonder where her big sister has gone.

11Big Sister, Big Sister, Big Sister!

Null has discovered something unsettling, and with Peta still missing, she’s left alone to ponder the magnitude of her realization.

12Null and Peta

Null and Peta are reunited, and the sisters resume their life after the changes they’ve been through.