Ochikobore Fruit Tart (2020)


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Quarto dormitório da Rat Production (comumente conhecido como Nezumi-sou) - o lugar onde moram garotas ídolas abandonadas: o ex-ator infantil Sekino Roko, o músico Nukui Hayu e a modelo Maehara Nina. Sakura Ino, que sempre sonhou em se tornar um ídolo, se muda. Ao mesmo tempo, é tomada a decisão de demolir o dormitório. Devido ao projeto lançado pelo empresário Kajino Hoho, "Ochikobore Fruit Tart", os ocupantes do dormitório formam um novo idol group chamado "Fruit Tart" e iniciam suas atividades com o objetivo de pagar uma dívida de cem milhões de ienes.


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1We're off to Higako!

Aspiring to become an idol, Ino Sakura moves to Tokyo to live in Mouse House, a dormitory of Rat Productions. Informed of Mouse House's crisis, Ino is told to form an idol group with three "dropout" talents who also live there.

2A Rocking New Semester!

The girls at Mouse House are fired up for a new school semester. After their first day, Hoho tasks them to write a new song for their CD debut and the girls get closer during the process.

3Our First Concert!

Fruit Tart meets Chiko, Nua and Rua of Cream Anmitsu, their producer Riri, and newcomer talent Hemo before their first concert. Hemo helps Ino overcome her nervousness before Fruit Tart's big break.

4A New Face!

Ino receives her first fan letter at school from a mystery sender. Hemo joins Fruit Tart as the fifth member and they all do a swimsuit promo shoot.

5Could Be a Stalker?

Fruit Tart comes up with their official autographs to prepare for their CD debut. Hemo and Tone share a fascination with Ino and follow her and Hayu from school. They end up going to karaoke together to practice singing.

6The Pervert Appears!

Fruit Tart goes on a field trip to observe Cream Anmitsu's concert. After the concert, Fruit Tart gets inspired and tries to come up with ways to be "cute."

7I Need to Go... Record?

Fruit Tart goes on a mission to buy "lucky panties" for their upcoming recording session. On the day of recording, they all struggle so they try to figure out a way to sing better.

8Super Awesome Curry!

Fruit Tart attempts to revive their fabled Mouse House curry. Roko and Nina run into Rua and Nua of Cream Anmitsu at school.

9Diuretic Effect!

Fruit Tart has their debut CD release concert. Tone helps them sell the merch and Hemo gets nervous before her first performance.

10Dance and Shine!

Fruit Tart struggles to come up with an idea to fire up the show as Hoho is told they're in danger if they don't sell at least 1,000 CDs. A mysterious elementary school student shows up to watch the concert.

11Look at Us!

Oto officially reveals herself as the acting president of Cat Productions and offers Fruit Tart to participate in a large-scale project, the National Idol Championships.