Okusama Ga Seito Kaichou! (2015)

8mComédia, Animação



Tudo começa quando Izumi Hayato está concorrendo a presidente do conselho estudantil. Mas quando uma linda garota aparece prometendo a liberação do amor jogando camisinhas para o público ele acaba perdendo para ela e se torna o vice-presidente. Na reunião do conselho estudantil, a presidente recém- eleita se convida para a casa de Izumi, onde prontamente anuncia que vai se tornar esposa dele graças à um acordo de facilitação feito regado à bebida por seus pais quando tinham apenas três anos.


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1The Playful Student Council President

Ui wants Hayato to be more affectionate with her...and she'll do anything to get what she wants! But when he isn't responsive enough, she takes matters into her own hands...

1 The Student Council President Marries into a Family

A pushy woman barges into the vice chairperson's home, and he's left with no choice but to share his home.

2Late Summer Festival with the Disciplinary Committee Head

Hayato accidentally sees Rin's breasts! And now he can't stop thinking about it. She comes up with an unexpected way to fix this...

2 Student Council President and Dinner at Home

Against his will, their shacking up begins. Ui shows that she can wear two different hats: president and wife!

3The Student Council President and the Photography Club President

The campus photography club has an underground website! They have candid etchi shots of campus girls...and some blackmail-worthy shots of Izumi-kun and Rin from the festival...?!

3 Student Council President and the Hand-Holding Experiment

"Aggressive PDA disrupts campus morals!" The head prefect faces off against the student council president! Let's carry out "Love Liberation"!!!

4The Disciplinary Committee Head's Awakening

Hayato and Rin find themselves in danger of committing "indecent coed relations" while trying to stop another couple of students for doing the same thing.

4 Shelter from the Rain Without the President

Love Hotel. Oh, Love Hotel. Love Hotel. Hayato and Rin go to a Love Hotel! Is that okay?! Will everything be okay?!

5The Vice President's Long Night

Ui is sweating, burning up, moaning and gasping for air...because she has a cold. Hayato tries to keep his libido in check, but as the evening wears on, that gets harder and harder...

5 Making Up with the President

Making up. Yes, making up. Making up. When people make up, they usually do this and that… Is that okay?! Will everything be okay?!

6A Dangerous Afternoon with Niikura-san

Ayane wants to know what it's like to have a boyfriend, so Hayato is enlisted to be her boyfriend for the day. But how does out student council president handle this...?

6 The Student Council President's Family

Mom has arrived! ….Mom? Huh…?! Mom?!

7The Unrelenting Battle of the President and the Disciplinary Committee Head

Rin finds out that Hayato and Ui are living together! Infuriated and shocked, she has to snoop around for evidence of foul play...and get in their way as much as possible.

7 Sneaky Student Council President

Misumi-san moves… next to Hayato-kun! Will his crazy shacking up be noticed???

8The President's Efforts and Winter's Temptations

Hayato and Ui are enjoying a relaxing evening at home eating dinner and studying. But they're bothered by Rin's numerous visits to her sister's place next door.

8Vice-President and the 2 School Infirmary Devils

"The panties and lipstick both belong to me!!!" Misumi-san, and Misumi-san closing in on Hayato-kun. Will this end well?!

9The Photography Club President's Hidden Desire

Saijou wants to know what romance is like! And she wants to capture it on camera between Hayato...and whichever girl draws the winning slip of paper.

9 President, Bribe, and Exposure

"We need to talk…" Ui has a secret. Will it finally be revealed?!

10The President and Disciplinary Committee Head's Troubles

Test scores are up and campus life has generally improved since Ui took office. But Rin still feels a little unsettled. Maybe if she tried dating someone, she would understand Ui's methods. But she insists she doesn't have a crush...

10 Sawatari-san's Midsummer Presentation

Sawatari-san closes in on Hayato's house. Huh?! Now even Sawatari-san is chasing after him? What're you gonna do about it, Hayato-kun?!

11The Vice President and Treasurer Make Some Kind of Progress

While on the way to school, Hayato discovers that Karen isn't wearing panties. He spends the rest of the day trying to avoid seeing under her skirt...but Karen still seems a little upset.

11 Student Council President Becomes 16 Years Old


12A Holy Night with the President and All the Rest

Rin proposes a Holiday party with the student council and disciplinary committee. During this, Hayato's secret life as a crossdresser comes to light.

12 More of the President's Family

"Please, let me have your daughter's hand!!!" What's going to happen now???