Olympia Kyklos (2020)

5mAnimação, Comédia



Demetrios was a young man in Ancient Greece who was a potter's apprentice, but also a rather timid otaku. Despite pursuing the arts, he was blessed with natural athletic talent. One day, he gets dragged into a village conflict. Demetrios contemplates how helpless he is, but then is struck by lightning! When he comes to, he is no longer in Greece, but a strange land where he can't understand the language and people look rather different. Yes, he somehow ended up 1964 Tokyo! Of course, Demetrios has no idea what Japan even is. What will become of him?!


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1You Are Hellenese

A long time ago in the faraway land of ancient Greece, Demetrius pines after the lovely Apollonia. According to her father the mayor, she won`t give him the time of day until he learns to use his agility and athleticism to earn honor and glory, but all Demetrius wants to do is paint pottery.


Demetrius is invited to attend a modern day field day, where he witnesses sports being enjoyed in a way he previously thought impossible.

3A Man's Arete

The mayor of the neighboring village threatens to go to war unless Apollonia marries his son. However, due to the three-month armistice mandated by the Olympics, an athletic competition is arranged instead.

4It Always Starts With Zeus

Inspired by the inventive and entertaining nature of Demetrius' egg race, the mayor asks him to come up with a hundred more events for Tortonia's local Olympics.

5The Aegean Sea of Tears

Demetrius is tasked with coming up with unique games for the Tortonian Olympics, but his ancient Greek surroundings leave him uninspired. He experiences an epiphany at a swim meet in 20th Century Tokyo.