Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai: Under the Innocent Sky (2011)

25mAnimação, Comédia, Drama, Drama



Haneda Takashi tem um segredo que ele não pode falar. Para deixar sua vida monótona na escola, ele deveria ter escapado para outro mundo. No entanto, ele é envolvido por certos laços em seu coração. Um deles é Kobato, sua estranha irmã mais nova. A outra é Watarai Asuka, sua namorada negligente.


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1That kind of fairy-tale for example

Takashi is late for school and gets distracted by his friends along the way; Shusuke and Karuo plan a party.

2My favourite animal is the pegasus

Hayato Narita is hired to help a girl find her stolen bicycle; Shusuke Chitose reviews the autobiography of an ex-porn star.

3Kobato is really adorable

Shusuke learns he is being trained by Hiyoko; YFB rumbles with R-Wing and Hayato is in the middle of the action.

4Dora......... I think I might be pregnant at the moment......

Ai and Naru compete for Hayato's attention; unusual events unfold at Alexander involving Kakeru, Shusuke, and a violent customer.

5Oh, thee exalted virtues of Count Bork!

Takashi has a difficult time coming to terms with the various conditions that come with dating Asuka.

6Yikes! No way, they'll hear us!

Chitose has a new experience as Hiyoko dresses his wound; Drac warns Otori about a dangerous man in a hat.

7The Admirable King Has Returned!

Garuda, the King of Gretagard, seizes control of Takashi's body and reunites with his old friend Phoenix.

8Is the Big-Breasted Gal with Cream Still Not Here Yet!

When Lord Hawk is pierced by a poisoned blade, Sparrow uses her body as a tool to help him expel the venom.

9My Heart Is Pounding!

Shusuke assumes control of Takashi; Hiyoko hears some heartbreaking criticism; Naru recruits some friends to help find her missing bicycle.

10Please Be My Fan Forever

Hayato handles the essay situation before he find himself caught up in an awkward situation with a couple of girls.

11Are You Familiar with Imouto Moe?

Haneda's day out features a slightly creepy conversation; Watarai gets physical when her boyfriend disappears into his dreamland!

12We Don't Have...

Haneda releases his fantasy world, and discovers the reason behind his very existence before reaching out to everyone who helped him.