Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu (2020)

24mAnimação, Comédia



A história acompanha uma fã fanática por Idols chamada “Eripiyo”, que ao ver a tímida estrela de Maina, decide que vai apoiá-la a todo custo, sem importar como, até que a Idol consiga alcançar seu sonho de se apresentar no maior palco do Japão, o Budoukan.


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1But I Love That Maina

Eripiyo is a super fan of Maina, who is a member of the underground idol group Cham Jam. Eripiyo uses all of her money to support Maina to the point that she only wears a red tracksuit. However, Maina always seems to act cold and distant towards Eripiyo.

2I Always Want to Love You the Most

Eripiyo and Kumasa go to Okayama Girls' Festa after learning some of the ChamJam girls are set to appear. Meanwhile, Maina reveals that she's never gotten a fan letter, so Sorane and Reo try to figure out a way to convince Eripiyo to write one.

3Do You Like Me?

Motoi introduces Eripiyo and Kumasa to his little sister, Rena, who went to the Okayama Girls' Festa with him. She tags along with him to see ChamJam perform after seeing them at Girls' Festa and her favorite just happens to be Maina.

4I Promise to Make You Number 1

ChamJam competes at the Autumn Sports Festival and also has voting for their popularity ranking coming up. Meanwhile, Reo's birthday is coming up and Kumasa tries to get things ready for the celebration.

5I Can Only Wait

Maina notices that Eripiyo hasn't been able to buy as many CDs and starts to worry, especially since she hears rumors of her switching favorites. Meanwhile, Yumeri's rank goes up, and she wonders if that'll cause a rift between her and Maki.

6You Were My Everything

Sorane thinks back on how she became an idol and how much she looks up to Reo. Meanwhile, Motoi is crushed to hear rumors that Sorane was seen walking with a guy.

7Run for Maina's Sake

Eripiyo finally recovers from her broken leg and goes right back to work so she can support Maina on the last day of voting for the popularity ranking. However, she overworks herself again and...

8I Want You in My Future

There are rumors that Sorane and Aya aren't getting along. Meanwhile, the ChamJam girls prepare for their Christmas concert and Eripiyo hopes she gets to see Maina in a Santa outfit this year.

9Not as a Wota, but as a Person

Eripiyo and the other fans spend the last day of the year with ChamJam at their show. Reo appears on a New Year's countdown show and the others head to the shrine for their first visit of the new year.

10Your Fave Isn't Your Friend

ChamJam has their first concert of the new year, but Eripiyo is sick and misses Maina being in the front row. Eripiyo later damages her throat even more, making her unable to talk, even though the ChamJam Valentine's Day event is coming up...

11The Closest Miracle to Me

ChamJam gets ready for the 16th Setouchi Idol Festival, and Reo gets a message from a girl who was in her previous group. Meanwhile, Eripiyo invites a friend over from work so they can witness the moment ChamJam and Maina appear briefly on TV.

12If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan

ChamJam is set to perform at the Setouchi Idol Festival, but Reo seems nervous for some reason. After their performance, Eripiyo reaffirms her love for Maina once again.