Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu (2022)

24mAnimação, Comédia



Após acordar em um mundo desconhecido, Leon percebe que foi reencarnado no universo de um otome game que jogou. Nesse mundo as mulheres dominam completamente os homens, os usando como bem entendem para alcançar seus objetivos.


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1I Hate This World

Leon is reincarnated in the world of the "otome game" he was playing as the third son of an impoverished baron. While he's trying to find happiness as a "mob" or background character, he's offered a terrible marriage proposal.

2Hey, Girl. Wanna Get Some Tea?

Leon officially begins attending the academy. Though the romantic interests he saw in the game are present, for some reason the girl with them is not the protagonist of the otome game, but a girl he doesn't recognize. Leon feels there is something off about the situation...

3Let's Duel, Prince

Marie is being bullied by Angelica's followers. Because events don't match what happened in the otome game, Leon attempts to gather information on Marie.

4Posso pegar leve com vocês?

Chegou a hora do duelo entre Leon e o grupo do Príncipe Julius. Todos apostam na vitória do príncipe, mas Leon não parece preocupado.

5It's Awesome

Leon's duel against Julius and his kingdom's best Armor begins. Why does Julius choose Marie over Angelica? His feelings drive him to attack Leon...!

6A Cultural Festival? It'll Be My First

Leon and his friends open a cafe at the school festival. However, Julius' posse open their own cafe, and a mysterious girl trying to get close to Leon appears before Olivia. It looks like there's trouble ahead at this school festival...!

7We Both Hate Hot Guys

Jilk appears in the bike race held on the final day of the academy festival. However, he is obstructed by the followers of his ex-fiancee and is badly injured. The situation develops further, and Leon finds himself dragged into it...

8This Isn't a Game

Olivia finds herself pushed into a corner by Stephanie. Meanwhile, while understanding Olivia should resolve the pirate hunting situation, he chooses to prioritize efficiency and gets involved.

9She's a Doormat

Leon's attempt to support Olivia backfires. He attempts to clearly define their relationship as one between mob and protagonist, but... Meanwhile, during a sword fight against Brad, he realizes the difference in their resolve.

10Unlike You Wannabe Nobles

The school trip begins, and Leon heads to the southern island where the item he seeks can be found. Once there, he runs into Angelica and Olivia at a shrine dedicated to marriage while things are still awkward between them.

11What I Can Do Now

Leon weaves his way through the horde of monsters alone in order to rescue Angelica. Meanwhile, Chris and Olivia battle fiercely alongside the other students on the passenger ship, but they're surrounded by the duchy's fleet...!

12No Matter How Tough the World of Otome Games Is

Forced to face off against the Black Knight, Leon, through cunning tactics, manages to defeat his formidable opponent and bring the enemy forces to his mercy. This act gains him more fame and notoriety with the Holfort Kingdom, and he is appointed as Viscount.