Queen Sugar (2016)


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A história narra a trajetória de três irmãos. Charley Bordelon West (Dawn-Lyen Gardner), agente e esposa de Davis West (Timon Kyle Durrett), um astro da NBA, com quem ela tem um filho, Micah (Nicholas L. Ashe), um rapaz de quinze anos; Nova Bordelon (Rutina Wesley), uma jornalista e ativista de Nova Orleans; e Ralph Angel Bordelon (Kofi Siriboe), um ex-detento em busca de redenção, que tenta criar seu filho Blue, um menino de seis anos.


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1A Rock; A River; A Tree

Ralph Angel finally learns the truth about his biological connection to Blue, Charley Gard exposes her hidden plan for Landry Enterprises, and Nova is propositioned by book publishers.

1Pleasure is Black

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1Late-February 2020

Nova and Calvin move forward in their relationship; Ralph Angel makes a big decision; Nova starts a new business venture; Micah joins a fraternity; Frances is sentenced for conspiracy.

1If You Could Enter Their Dreaming

Nova publishes an article on defunding the police, Ralph Angel has financial problems, and Violet delivers a pie to a mysterious person. Plus, Nova's planned vaccination drive for St. Jo residents erupts in chaos, leaving someone injured.

2Of Their Sojourn Here

Violet receives a business proposition that she cannot refuse, Nova faces a difficult career decision, and Micah asks his parents to transfer schools. Plus, Charley learns shocking information about Sam Landry.

2Mid-March 2020

Ralph Angel and Darla talk wedding plans; Nova meets Calvin's family for the first time; Micah experiences his own firsts as a member of a fraternity.

2And Dream With Them Deeply

When Prosper's daughter arrives, there is a tense showoff and she bans the Bordelons from seeing Propser. Ralph Angel and Darla make preparations for their baby. Micah has flashbacks to previous trauma. Nova has to face a harsh truth.

3Your Distant Destiny

Micah starts his new school with excitement, an interaction with Blue leaves Ralph Angel guilt-ridden, and Nova must come up with new material for her book. Plus, Charley reveals her secret plans to Nova, and Darla returns.

3Late April 2020

Ralph Angel seeks alternative sources of income; the pandemic forces Micah to return home; Hollywood grows concerned for his mother's health.

3You Would Come Back Different

Nova shares her truth, Ralph Angel's finances remain strained, and more is revealed about Billie's history with the Bordelons; Nova learns concerning information, and Charley and Davis struggle with the decision to take their relationship public.

4No Haven in My Shadow

Darla and Ralph Angel come face-to-face, Hollywood offers Violet a business solution, and Charley learns more about the Landry and Boudreaux families. Plus, Davis reveals a hidden secret to Micah, and Nova reveals something personal to Remy.

4Early-May 2020

Micah and Charley's relationship grows deeper; Ralph Angel takes pride in his new job; Calvin's daughter quarantines with him and Nova; Micah helps Charley in her fight against Parker and Landry; Ralph Angel talks to Darla about their future.

4To A Different Day

Nova and Billie discuss the past. Hollywood bonds with Gabriel. Micha's romantic relationship ends. Ralph Angel discovers what is wrong with his crop. A shocking discovery is made on the Bordelon land.

5A Little Lower Than Angels

Remy and Nova act on their feelings, Ralph Angel bonds with his boss's daughter, and Davis discloses his secret to Charley. Micah and his new friends stumble upon something disturbing, and Darla and Ralph Angel clarify their relationship to Blue.

5May 19, 2020

Charley throws Darla a surprise bridal shower, leading up to a gorgeous and joyful wedding the whole family enjoys.

5Moving So Easily Through That Common Depth

Violet and Hollywood discuss their future; Micah and Isaiah's friendship further develops; Ralph Angel makes a tough decision.

6Delicate and Strangely Made

Violet celebrates her 60th birthday, Nova and Remy grow closer, and Darla and Ralph Angel discuss custody. Plus, Violet learns more about her new business arrangement, and the Bordelon family is devastated to discover the Landrys' true plan for the land.

6May 27, 2020

The Bordelons' lives are impacted by the tragic murder of George Floyd; Nova asks Calvin to recount something from his past; Ralph Angel and Darla give Blue a version of "The Talk."

6Or Maybe Just Stay There

Charley is caught between love and ambition; the police take their intimidation of Nova to an unexpected level; Violet and Billie address their tumultuous past; Ralph Angel and Darla arrive at the police station, hand in hand.

7June 1, 2020

Violet grows concerned about Hollywood's emotional state, Nova plans a children's march, Ralph Angel, Blue and Darla confront a troubling confrontation with a cop. Plus, Micah wants to get out and be a voice of change.

7They Would Bloom and Welcome You

Charley makes a decision about running for Congress; Isaiah offers support to Micah; Nova deals with the effects of the police raid; Sam Landry offers a devil's deal to Ralph Angel.

8June 3, 2020

Ralph Angel and Darla grapple with Blue's future, Davis cares for Charley, and Hollywood has a new idea for The Real Spot. Plus, Violet calls Darlene about Blue, and Nova receives a curious email.

8All Those Brothers and Sisters

Davis asks Charley an important question, Micah and Isaiah have a charged conversation, and Dominic and Nova grow closer. Ralph Angel and Darla prepare for the future.

9In Summer Time to Simply Be

Charley grows closer to Davis, Ralph Angel decides about Blue's future, and Nova is confronted with a devastating truth.

9Tossing In The Meadows

Everyone comes together for Ralph Angel and Darla's baby shower, Nova makes a huge discovery about the remains on her land, and Ralph Angel has a plan.


Charley and Davis mark a beginning, Calvin begins to take accountability, Blue starts school in D.C., and Darla shares momentous news with Ralph Angel.

11Your Passages Have Been Paid

Darla and Ralph Angel undergo a heated mediation; Nova makes a confession; Charley confronts Micah about the fire; Charley encounters an unexpected roadblock.

12The Horizon Leans Forward

Ralph Angel and Darla find some peace, Violet reveals her lupus diagnosis to her family, and the Council makes a decision about the correctional facility.

15Copper Sun

Charley fires Darla after learning that she's lied to her family. Micah gets suspended from school. Hollywood promises to fulfill Violet's wish list. Jacob Boudreaux suggests he and Charley form a partnership.

16Dream Variations

Charley's shocking plan to save her business puts her relationship with Remy in jeopardy. Hollywood proposes to Violet. Nova and Remy share an unexpected moment. Ralph Angel decides if he can forgive Darla.