Radiant (2018)

25mAction & Adventure, Animação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Seth é um aspirante feiticeiro da área de Pompo Hills. Como todos os magos, ele é um "infectado", um dos poucos seres vivos que sobreviveram ao contato das criaturas Nêmesis caídas do céu que contaminam e dizimam todo aquele contato. Sendo imune a eles, Seth quer se tornar um Caçador e lutar contra o Nêmesis. Mas mais do que isso, Seth quer se envolver em uma missão que vai além da simples busca por monstros. Ele quer encontrar o Radiant, seu berço presumido. Ajudado por uma facção de companheiros feiticeiros, ele viajou pelo mundo em busca do Radiante, sob o rigoroso escrutínio da Inquisição.


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1Toward a New Adventure -Overture-

Seth returns with Alma before leaving for the city of Caislean Merlin, capital of the sorcerer knights to find the answers he needs. Meanwhile, Captain Dragunov is sent to a secluded place in what he believes is a punishment for his actions, but ...

1The Young Sorcerer -Seth-

Seth, a young boy living in the peaceful Pompo Hills, trains daily to become a great wizard and go hunting for the Nemesis, the monsters that terrorize humanity. He does not know it yet, but the adventure is about to ring at his door.

2An Encounter in the Rain -Mist-

Seth sets out for the capital but gets intercepted by a Merchant-Baron airship. Seth barely escapes thanks to Grimm, and successfully reaches the capital where he encounters Doc and Melie.

2True Courage -Bravery-

Following the fall of a Nemesis egg on the Pompo Hills, Seth decides to protect the villagers in the absence of Alma. While the creature is about to defeat him, the young wizard is saved by a strange foursome ...

3The City of Knights -Caislean Merlin-

After attempting to enter the castle's archives, Seth gets kicked out! Seth is later introduced to Ocoho and joins her in battle.

3Day of Departure -Alma-

Alma is convinced that normal humans and wizards will never be able to understand each other. After repeating it again to Seth, she remembers their meeting ...

4The Bringer of Calamity -Dullahan-

Seth and Ocoho face off against a powerful Spectral Nemesis band while attempting to protect a small farm from destruction.

4A Meeting in the Sky -Encounter-

Seth left the Alma Observatory to search for the Radiant. On the way to Artemis, the city of witches, he is captured by a patrol of inquisitors.

5Silent Rain, Distant Hearts -Rain-

Seth tracks down Melie and Doc at the Luchorpan Inn, and attempts to make amends with them.

5A Paradise of Wisdom and Hope -Artemis-

Seth arrived at the Artemis Institute, the city of sorcerers. He must find the Yaga wizard to get information about the Radiant, but a yellow cat might make it difficult for him...

6His Name Is -Diabal-

Guided by a reocurring dream, Seth attempts to sneak into the archives at Caislean Merlin. Here, he learns a dark truth about the origins of the Spectral Nemesis.

6Drops of Friendship -Melie-

Artemis was released from an Inquisition strike by Master Lord Majesty. Seth hurried to prove to the heir to the sorcerer Yaga affine that heaven accepts you as a disciple.

7The Spectre Battle -Spectre-

Seth hangs on for dear life as he attempts to escape the Diabal’s grasp. Meanwhile, Grimm is badly wounded in an altercation.

7The Sewer Dweller -Monster-

On a quiet afternoon, Doc is taken to the sewers of the Artemis Institute by a mysterious creature. With Melie's help, Seth goes to the depths of the city to save his friend.

8Seth in the Forest of Time -Caillte-

Seriously wounded after his clash with Diabal, Seth is collected by Myr. Meanwhile, Melie, Ocoho and Doc set off in search of the young wizard. Their research leads them to the forest of Caillte, a mysterious place from which nobody returns...

8Proof of Strength -Progress-

As part of his training with the sorcerer Yaga, Seth finds himself banned from using magic. That's when the Bravery Quartet decides to attack Artemis! Deprived of his powers, can Seth protect the city?

9The Palace of Schemes -Palace-

In order to master the power within him, Seth decides to stay in the Caillte forest to train with Myr. Meanwhile, Melie and Ocoho are summoned by Queen Boadicea for disobeying orders during the battle against the spectrums.

9Those Who Hunt Heretics -Inquisition-

The days are similar and similar to Captain Dragunov and his crew, stationed in a peaceful area. However, a distress call sent by another crew of inquisitors will change this monotonous daily.

10The Qualifications of a Knight -Quality-

As Seth continues his training with Myr, the Witch-Knights face a nemesis threatening the people of Cyfandir. Despite the presence of the gallant Lord Gulis, defeating the monster could be a harder task than it seems ...

10Broom of Memories -Memory-

Master Lord Majesty organizes a festival within Artemis, and the party is in full swing. Seth then meets Nick, a young wizard who is slandering Alma. To defend the honor of his adoptive mother, Seth will have to beat him at the broomsticks race of the festival!

11Now, Feel the World -Resonance-

After rescuing villagers from a nemesis, Ocoho and Melie return to Caislean Merlin. Meanwhile, Seth completes his training with Myr and learns more about the mysterious old man...

11The City That Roars Like Thunder -Rumble Town-

In order to settle their debts, Seth and his friends agree to investigate a series of disappearances caused by a nemesis in the town of Rumble Town. Caution should be used, because the nemesis may not be the only dangers in the shadows of alleys ...

12The Truth Is Like a Curse -Ocoho-

Peace has reigned in Caislean Merlin for some time. However, Lord Brangoire behaves suspiciously and seems to be watching Ocoho and his friends closely.

12The Shadow Lurking in the City -Darkness-

After escaping the wizard Grimm, Seth and his friends visit the Zehd family, who asked them to investigate the nemesis raging in Rumble Town. The hunt for nemesis continues in the alleys of the industrial city!

13Your Decision -Knighthood

Liselotte and Dragunov meet Baron Doussant, who tells them of his terrible intentions. Ocoho, meanwhile, leaves to ask Mordred for an explanation about his condition after each of their meetings.

13Overture of Turbulence -Storm-

Bringing the responsibility of recent events to wizards and immigrants, Captain Konrad heats the people of his city to white and encourages him to hunt them down. That said, it seems that the reality is quite different, and one begins to wonder if Konrad does not hide a terrible secret ...

14The Final Battlefield -Battlefield-

The Inquisition begins the invasion. Queen Boudica swears to resist until the end. Meanwhile, Seth infiltrates the castle and questions Diabal about his origins. Then listen to Piodon's secret. Who are these men? And who is Seth?

14The Bell Tolls the Sound of Destruction -Catastrophe-

Grimm's latest attack defeated Doc's courage in announcing his intention to withdraw from Rumble Town's nemesis investigation. Meanwhile, the inquisitor Konrad de Marburg assembles the citizens against the wizards and immigrants of the city.

15Led to the Abyss by a Melody of Death -Harmonizium-

The war between Cyfandir and the Inquisition is raging, and the anti-Fantasia device pushes the Knights-Wizards to their last entrenchments. In the basement of Caislean Merlin's castle, Seth tries to convince Diabal to join him.

15With Fists Like Shooting Stars -Burst-

The inquisitor Captain Konrad de Marburg is defeated, but Rumble Town is still threatened by the witch Hameline, blinded by vengeance. More than ever, the survival of the city rests on the shoulders of Seth and his companions.

16The Light of Life is Extinguished -Tragedy-

On the Barons-Merchant ship, Baron Doussant reveals to Ocoho his objective behind the Cyfandir invasion. On the ground, Lord Brangoire and Queen Boadicea struggled as best they could against the Thaumaturges and the troops of the Inquisition.

16Fly High and Pierce Through the Storm -Rising-

To prevent Hameline from destroying the islet of Rumble Town, Seth and his friends will have to cooperate with Grimm, the mysterious character covered with bandages ...

17The Black Dragon Descends -Pen Draig-

Queen Boadicea was captured by the Inquisition, and the plight of the Sorcerer Sorcerers appears hopeless. Meanwhile, Seth and Mélie are struggling with the miracle workers Dragunov and Liselotte.

17To Stop the Sound of the Wind -Serenade-

The hour of the confrontation between Hameline and Seth rang! Will the young wizard succeed in convincing his opponent to renounce revenge before it is too late?

18The Will of the People Shines Bright -Resistance-

Doc bursts into battle in mysterious armor and faces Verona, the young Thaumaturge. Meanwhile, Seth fights mercilessly against Colonel Santori.

18The Light That Follows the Darkness -Awakening-

Thaumaturgians arrive at Rumble Town to capture Seth! After seeing General Torque defeat Hameline, Seth loses control of himself and unleashes his destructive power ...

19I Can't Hear Your Voice -Myrddin-

Seth defeated Thaumaturge Santori in a fierce battle, and Ocoho finally cornered Baron-Marchand Doussant on his own ship. Cyfandir seems to be on the verge of winning the war, but that is without counting on the plan of the inquisitive commander Ullmina ...

19The World That You Changed -Relief-

Rumble Town is saved, and all Sorcerers of Artemis consider Seth a real hero. However, the latter does not forgive himself for not having been able to save Hameline...

20A Bouquet of Flowers for This Land -Fantasia-

Devastated by Jill's death, Myr is determined to eradicate humanity in Cyfandir. Seth also gives up on the rage, as affected by the despair of the forest elf. Can Melia, Ocoho, Doc and Dragunov manage to soothe these two forces of nature?

20Omen -Sign-

Following the Rumble Town incident, the Inquisition tries to regain the trust of the people. Meanwhile, Seth and his friends are suffering from the shortage of coffee beans at Artemis...

21The Future is With You -Eternity-

The kingdom of Cyfandir emerged victorious from its war against the Inquisition, but not unscathed. However, the appointment of a new sovereign may well bring hope to this battered land.

21In Search of the Future -Utopia-

To continue his search for the Radiant, Yaga advises Seth to visit Caislean Merlin, the capital of Cyfandir. But suddenly, Artemis is attacked by a real army of nemesis.