Re-Kan! (2015)

25mAnimação, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



A história desenrola-se à volta do dia-a-dia de Amami Hibiki, uma garota amorosa que consegue falar com animais e comunicar com o sobrenatural.


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1I Can See Them

Amami Hibiki is a girl who can see ghosts and other supernatural phenomena in her surroundings. The stories follow her daily life with both her friends and the otherworldly.

2They Are My Friends

Nightmares about the lecherous neighborhood stray cat have been keeping Amami up at night, so a few nearby spirits have taken to answering the morning roll-call in her stead.

3Delicious Omelet

Inoue's bratty little cousin Yuuki is visiting. She's trying to cater to him by cooking his favorite breakfast (fried eggs) every morning, but he complains about the awful taste every time! Amami vows to help Inoue cook the best eggs ever, but after consulting with a nearby ghost, she learns that maybe Yuuki wants something more than just better flavor?

4Summer Means the Beach

Amami and her friends join their classmate Yamada Kenta on a trip to the coast. For some reason the beach is almost empty and the kids couldn't be happier...except for Esumi Kyouko.

5The Legendary School Festival

It's time for the school culture festival! Under Amami's supervision and the help of a few ghosts, her class decides to make a haunted house. The whole class (except Inoue) wants the result to be nothing short of legendary!

6A Super Duper Holy Night

Amami's classmates are dumbfounded when she suddenly starts acting like a total brat, until Uehara Kana snaps a picture that reveals the truth: she's been possessed by "gal ghost!"

7A Busy New Year

When the gang sees a sleep-deprived Amami stumbling down the street, they worry her inability to ignore her spectral friends is putting her heath at risk. They decide to speak with her father Asahi, who digs up a special pair glasses capable of blocking Amami's sixth sense.

8We All Play Together

Amami meets the ghost of a young girl who keeps repeating a mysterious nonsense word: "Morya." No longer able to recall her life or how she died, the roll-call samurai and Amami worry she may simply fade away.

9The Secret Valentine

Valentine's Day is getting closer and all the boys and girls are getting restless. And when the gang finds out Amami wants to try her hand at home-made chocolate, they can't help but wonder who it's for! Tune in for a sweet, emotional Valentine's Day episode. You'll never believe who Amami's heart really belongs to!

10We're Now In Our Second Year

A new school year begins, and Amami and her friends are pretty excited about having younger students around. Wanting to be a model student, Amami tries to help the new freshman class...and so do her spectral friends. The otherworldly assistance scares off the new kids and leaves Amami feeling crushed, so Inoue and the others take it upon themselves to make her more appealing.

11This Is My Wish

Amami invites her friends over to her house for the Star Festival, and they're excited for the visit when they learn about her late mother's handmade decorations. According to Amami, they're packed with mysterious powers that are all but guaranteed to make wishes come true...

12We Are All Connected

After her sixth sense suddenly vanishes, Amami wanders aimlessly searching for her spectral friends. Their voices, their faces, even their presence is nowhere to be found. Amami quickly falls into a deep depression over the loss of the friendships she'd formed with the ghosts over the years, and Inoue and the rest of her living friends are at a loss for how to cheer her up.

13Summer Memories

Amami heads to a theme park with all her friends, living and otherwise (and Yamada's older brother, for some reason)! According to her father, this particular theme park is the site of some fond memories for Amami, but now that she's older the memories have begun to fade...until a mysterious girl appears before her. Join the whole Re-Kan! gang as they make the most of a beautiful summer day, capped off with a sleepover at the Amami residence!