Sangatsu no Lion (2016)

25mAnimação, Drama, Comédia

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Rei Kiriyama é um rapaz de 17 anos de idade, que recentemente começou a viver sozinho, financiado pelo seu salário como um jogador de Shogi profissional. Apesar de sua independência, no entanto, ele ainda está amadurecendo emocionalmente, e seus problemas continuam a assombrá-lo em sua vida diária. Seu relacionamento com sua família adotiva é tensa, e ele tem dificuldades de interagir com seus colegas do ensino médio. Enquanto isso, sua carreira profissional entrou em uma recessão. Sobrecarregado com as expectativas pesadas colocadas sobre ele como o quinto para se tornar pro no ensino médio, suas vitórias e derrotas são flutuantes como seu registro e progressão para os ranks começarem a estagnar. Esta é a história de triunfos de Rei e fracassos, relacionamentos novos e antigos, e seu crescimento como pessoa.


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1Chapter 1 Rei Kiriyama / Chapter 2 The Town Along the River

Rei Kiriyama moves in to town, and his past is slowly revealed. Alongside battling opponents in shogi, he also wants to find that missing something...

2Chapter 3 Akari / Chapter 4 Beyond the Bridge

Who was that mysterious figure who stole his mail? And Akari's job is what?! Tune in as we continue to explore Rei's past.

3Chapter 5 Harunobu / Chapter 6 Beyond the Night Sky

Showdown between Rei and Harunobu in a shogi match! Will Harunobu finally defeat his lifelong rival? Tune in as we celebrate the end of Obon.

4Chapter 7 Hina / Chapter 8 vs

Will Hina be able to give her home made lunch to the person she is concerned about? Tune in as a fateful meeting unfolds in front of our eyes...

5Chapter 9 Agreement / Chapter 10 Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Rei must pick up Momo from kindergarten. Nothing can go wrong with doing this errand, right? Unfortunately, this leads Rei to remember more of his past.

6Chapter 11 Child of God (Part 1) / Chapter 12 Child of God (Part 2) / Chapter 13 Child of God (Part 3)

Does Rei want to go somewhere, or just run away? Let's discover more of the Shogi world as Mr. Hayashida comes to the rescue!

7Chapter 14 Important Things. Important Matters. / Chapter 15 Teach me Shogi

What will Kiriyama and Takahashi talk about? Will it end well? Let's hope the cute kitties can teach us how to play shogi!

8Chapter 16 Image / Chapter 17 Distant Thunder (Part 1)

Let's continue to learn Shogi! In this episode, we'll also discover a little more about Rei's Father, and not to mention that special guest he has..

9Chapter 18 Distant Thunder (Part 2) / Chapter 19 Distant Thunder (Part 3)

Rei has a match with the old Mr. Matsunaga. If Mr. Matsunaga loses one more game, he'll have to retire. How will Rei handle the match?

10Chapter 20 The Given (Part 1) / Chapter 21 The Given (Part 2)

Rei's next match is with Mr. Yasui. Mr. Yasui's memories with his daughter are on the line, so will Rei throw the match, or will he bring misery to others by winning?

11Chapter 22 The Old Year / Chapter 23 The New Year

All of Rei's matches are done for the year, but a small tragedy happens as the year comes to a close. Will Rei be able to overcome it?

12Chapter 24 What Lies on the Opposite Shore / Chapter 25 Black River (Part 1)

Rei runs astray a little bit, but gets right back on track. Can he bear the cold jokes from his latest opponent, Tsujii, and emerge victorious?

13Chapter 26 Black River (Part 2) / Chapter 27 Beyond the Door

Smith prepares for his battle with the intimidating Gotou, and Rei is determined not to lose against Shimada. How will their matches go?

14Chapter 28 Blinding Darkness / Chapter 29 Just a Little Water

Shimada and Rei's battle continues as Rei begins to drown in his embarassment. Watch as their battle finally comes to a close

15Chapter 30 Moonlight / Chapter 31 Lump of Ego

And now begins two of three matches to determine who will go up against Master Souya in the Lion King Tournament!

16Chapter 32 Running Through the Night / Chapter 33 Middle of the Slope

Master Souya's challenger in the Lion King Tournament has been determined! Also, Rei decides to take a step in the direction that will benefit him in the long run.

17Chapter 34 Silver Thread / Chapter 35 Water's Surface / Chapter 36 Base of the Blue Night

The Lion King Tournament finally begins. Rei continues to grow with his workshop buddies, but also runs into some trouble with his sister.

18Chapter 37 Torrent / Chapter 38 Passing Time

The Lion King Tournament is underway, although things are not looking good for the challenger. Still, he will not give up, and is determined to press forward.

19Chapter 39 Passing the Night / Chapter 40 Kyoto (Part 1)

Match Four of the Lion King Tournament begins in Kyoto. We find out a little more about the Challenger, and the reasons he continues to persist.

20Chapter 41 Kyoto (Part 2) / Chapter 42 Kyoto (Part 3)

The second day of the fourth match for the Lion King Tournament begins. Rei sure does get caught up with strange people.

21Chapter 43 When the Cherry Blossoms Bloom / Chapter 44 Small Murmur

The fourth match of the Lion King Tournament has finally ended. But for some reason, Rei finds himself in a very unfamiliar territory.

22Chapter 45 New School Term / Spin-off Fighter

Rei begins a new school year, and embarks on new adventures. While looking back at the past, we'll look forward to the future.