Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru (2021)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Drama, Mistério

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A história acompanha Kosuke Mikado, um tímido atendente de livraria que tem a habilidade de ver fantasmas. Por mais que deseja não ter esse dom, Kosuke enxerga uma nova possibilidade quando conhece o exorcista egocêntrico Rihito Hiyakawa, que o oferece a oportunidade de usar sua habilidade para resolver mistérios inexplicáveis.


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Mikado Kousuke, a young man working at a bookshop who seems normal at first glance is actually the owner of a peculiar ability to see eerie things. One day, Hiyakawa Rihito appears in the shop where Mikado works. Hiyakawa declares that it must be destiny as the job he has come to do is none other than an exorcism! When Hiyakawa discovers that Mikado can see spirits, he forces Mikado to help with the exorcism. He then requests that Mikado continue to work with him, but...


Mikado, now working for Hiyakawa's property appraisals and special cleaning services company, COOLEAN, has been asked by a coworker at the bookstore to investigate a fortune-teller who is right too much. When Hiyakawa and Mikado meet the fortune-teller, Mukae Keita, they find that he, like they, is possessed of unique abilities.


Mikado and Hiyakawa go to investigate a pond at a house. Their client, the woman who owns the house, has the same dream every night of a corpse floating in the pond. Mikado dives down into the pond to have a look, and there at the bottom, in the murk, he sees its core. On their way home that day, Mikado and Hiyakawa stop to eat and Hiura Erika appears before them. Erika reveals to the two of them that she is a curse peddler and a necromancer.


At the request of police detective Hanzawa, Mikado visits an empty storefront. Hanzawa says that kamikakushi—paranormal disappearances—are often reported of that spot. When Mikado phones Hiyakawa, who is still back at the office, from in front of the vacant store, Hiyakawa possesses Mikado's body and begins investigating the abandoned shop. He realizes that the store has been turned into a kind of savings box to store bad things and that it had been created by Erika at the request of a mysterious figure.


Hiyakawa can't understand what Mikado is feeling. And for his part, while Mikado recognizes how deviant Hiyakawa is, he just can't cut ties with him. In the middle of all this, Mikado is as good as kidnapped by Sakaki and taken to Erika in a car. Erika asks a bewildered Mikado for help with her homework, as though the situation were quite normal. As Erika works on her homework, she tells Mikado about the mysterious man who employs her and about how her powers awakened.