Sansha Sanyou (2016)

24mAnimação, Comédia



Futaba Odagiri é a nova aluna transferida com uma personalidade super-energética; Teru Hayama é a presidente da classe, com uma personalidade surpreendente ao contrário do que seus olhos inocentes possam significar; e Youko Nishikawa é de uma antiga família rica, que agora é extremamente pobre, mas ainda detém a sua atitude vaidosa de princesa. Essas três estudantes com personalidades conflitantes tornaram-se boas amigas e sobrevivem a vida de adolescente dia-a-dia em uma história muito divertida.


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1These Are Bread Crusts

Yoko Nishikawa is a former rich girl struggling to understand her new reduced circumstances. The loneliness is getting to be too much when carefree glutton Futaba Odagiri and scary class rep No-First-Name Hayama crash into her life and change everything.

2Nothing Good for You Is Tasty

Yoko, Futaba, and Hayama learn more about each other as they continue to eat lunch together. They encounter a rival, a sibling, and cats. All the while,Yoko is deciding whether Hayama is kind-hearted or black-hearted.

3A Taste of Maid

Yoko and Futaba are in a pinch and need to find part-time jobs to earn money. Along the way, the three girls meet Shino Sonobe, Yoko's eccentric former maid.

4Actually, This Is What I Live For

Yoko, Futaba, and Hayama learn about each others' hobbies and childhoods. They also encounter Yu and Sakura, who stir up a little trouble.

5Your Birthmarks Have Faded

An accident temporarily puts Yoko out of commission, so Futaba and Hayama help out at the patisserie. While Miss Sonobe is certainly grateful for the help, she won't stop until she's acquired one more part-time employee.

6Veggies, Meat, Meat, Meat, Meat, Meat, Meat, and Fish

It's time for the beach! Yoko, Futaba, and Hayama help out Sonobe at her beach hut.

7Ten Yen Short

Fall is here, and we meet two siblings who seem to hate Futaba for no reason. Who are they, and why do they have something against her?

8You've Got Them Hooked

Hayama goes to a cat cafe with her sister and sees Nishiyama there! Futaba has a free ticket for the petting zoo. Then, Futaba wants to start up a band.

9Curry Tastes Better on the Second Day

The school is having its cultural festival. Hayama and Futaba's class is doing a curry shop, and Miss Yoko's class will be doing some haunting!

10A Day to Gorge on Chicken and Cake

It's Christmas and it also happens to be someone's birthday. Then, the end of the year approaches, and it's almost New Year's. How will Hayama, Futaba, and Yoko celebrate these holidays?

11A Day to Gorge on Chocolate

Join Yoko, Hayama, and Futaba as they prepare for and celebrate Valentine's Day.

12I Am Graduating from Bread Crusts

It starts as a normal day for Yoko, but everybody is acting strange! What has gotten into them?!