Sayonara Watashi no Cramer (2021)

24mAnimação, Drama, Comédia

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A história de garotas que querem se tornar craques do futebol, escrita pela mesma autora de Your Lie in April!


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During her final winter of middle school, Nozomi Onda struggles to decide where to go for high school. Nozomi wants to continue play on the boys' soccer team even in high school, but at the recommendation of her advisor Samejima, she decides to join the Warabi Seinan High School girl's soccer team, also known as the "Warabis." On her first day on the team, the new students are made to play against the second-years, and her team includes midfielder Midori Soshizaki, who led her team to third place at the national tournament in middle school, as well as Sumire Suo, a lightning-fast full-back.


Former women's national team member Naoko Nomi becomes coach of the Warabis in order to gain experience as a soccer coach. She immediately informs the team that she is scheduling a practice game against another school. The Warabis experience firsthand the terrifying nature of their new coach, who was known as Namahage Nomi during her career. The new Warabis first opponent is Spring and Summer champions, the Kunogi Academy girls' soccer team.

3Gates of Hell

The first half of the Warabis' practice game against Kunogi Academy ends with a score of 0-7. Upon witnessing the high skill level of her opponents, Nozomi is not disheartened, but rather begins to glow with excitement. Nozomi's play inspires her team to regain their momentum, and though the Warabis are closing in on Kunogi's goal, the point difference only widens. Meanwhile, Suo is distressed over having her preferred playstyle shut down completely, and Nozomi goes off on her.