Seiken No Blacksmith (2009)

30mAction & Adventure, Animação, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Seiken no Blacksmith (O Blacksmith da Espada Sagrada) é baseado no light novel de fantasia medieval de Miura Isao sobre as aventuras da cavaleira Cecilie e o ferreiro Luke, que também é um espadachim habilidoso e tem um passado secreto.


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Cecily Campbell is the head of the Campbell house and a member of the 'Knight Guards' responsible for protecting the Independent Trade City of Housman. When Cecily's sword is broken in a confrontation with a former knight she must search for a blacksmith to repair it. Unfortunately the only person skilled enough is Luke Ainsworth, who also happens to be the one who saved her life during the earlier fight. However, before he can even start his task Luke must once again save Cecily's life when a local trade caravan is attacked by monsters.

2Devil's Contract

After the attack on the caravan, ominous rumors spread across the land. Meanwhile, Cecily finally talks Luke into making her a sword, only to find she may not be able to afford his fees.

3Demon Sword

Aria reveals her true form to Cecily, Luke, and Lisa. Later, the girls spend some time exploring the city, but their fun is cut short when a horde of possessed prisoners rampages violently through the streets.


Despite her misgivings Cecily is ordered to use Aria to lure out the mysterious man in black. However, when things go wrong and the situation gets out of hand Cecily must once again ask Luke for help so that she can protect her new friend.


Luke won't tell Cecily much about his relationship with Lisa, but Cecily isn't afraid to share her thoughts on the matter. The result: Lisa goes shopping with the girls - and Luke's paying!


Cecily and Aria fall under attack by three women, each with a Demon Sword more powerful than the last! As the fight rages, Luke receives a visitor who is connected to the trio of assailants - Charlotte.


Charlotte and the others are forced to work as maids in exchange for staying in the Campbell house and unfortunately for her Cecily gets roped in as well. However, whilst living and working together Cecily begins to learn more about her new friends and Charlotte in particular. Meanwhile Aria talks to Evadne about what it means to be a Demon Sword.


Hoping to find favor in the eyes of the Empire which has forsaken Charlotte, Doris leads a mission to claim the Demon Swords and abduct Luke. Cecily must stop them before it's too late.


Cecily joins Luke as he visits the grave of a friend, offering the young knight a glimpse into the turmoil of the blacksmith's past. Meanwhile, Lisa stays behind to repair a dagger belonging to a girl named Elsa.

10Victim of Love

When the man in black attacks, Cecily and Aria are stunned to learn the reasons why Demon Swords exist - but the most shocking revelations involve the truth behind Luke and Lisa's relationship.


Following the revelation that Lisa is a demon, Cecily begins to avoid both her and Luke. However, she soon realises how foolishly she has been acting when she is invited to attend a conference concerning Valbanil and the Sacred Sword, which Luke and Siegfried also attend. Unfortunately, the revelations at the conference only serve to fuel Siegfried's anger and he decides it is time to put his plans into motion.


After his humiliation during the conference Siegfried finally snaps and dispatches a horde of demons to destroy the City of Housman. While Cecily and Aria join the Knight Guards in dealing with the demons, Luke decides it is time to settle things with Siegfried. However, even Luke may not be strong enough to stand against Siegfried's Demon Sword of Darkness, at least not without help.