Seikoku No Dragonar (2014)

25mAnimação, Action & Adventure, Comédia

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Aprender a montar e domar dragões é algo natural para a maioria dos alunos da Academia Ansullivan Dragonar, menos para o calouro Ash Blake, que é conhecido pelos colegas de classe como o "garoto problema número um". Pobre Ash, ele é a piada da escola porque, apesar de sua grande marca em forma de estrela fora de moda que marca ele como um futuro mestre dragão, ele não tem nada que prove isso. Seu dragão nunca apareceu. Isto é, até hoje. Certo dia, o dragão de Ash desperta com glória total, mas aparece de uma forma diferente de qualquer dragão já visto antes, na forma de uma linda garota! E pra piorar, Ash logo descobre que seu novo dragão tem um gênio terrível, conforme ela informa que é a mestra e ele, o servo. Os problemas de Ash com montaria de dragão estão apenas começando.


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1A Boy & His Dragon

Ash Blake, "number-one problem child" at Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, is worried that he's still without his very own partner dragon, or "parr". When the time comes, will his parr be everything he expected--or nothing like he'd ever imagined?

2Ties That Bind: The Astral Flow

As Ash and his parr get to know each other better, he discovers he's not the only one with a keen interest in learning what makes her tick.

3Riot in the Streets

A dangerous rogue dragon runs amok in the town of Ansullivan. Which young dragonar will step up to face it, and can the mighty creature be defeated?

4Iron Blood Valkyrie

The infamous Iron Blood Valkyrie pays a visit in the wake of the Necromancia attack, striking fear into the heart of... Princess Silvia?

5Ice Blue Princess

Princess Veronica's visit has Silvia trying to prove her Dragonar mettle, but it may also have drawn unwanted attention from an undercover assassin.

6Blue Brionac

A tense hostage situation at St. Valeria Church puts Ash and friends to the test. It all comes down to the Silver Knight and the Ice Blue Princess!

7Lucca Sarlinen

As training camp nears, eccentric Dragonar prodigy Lucca Saarinen is having parr trouble. Can they figure out what's wrong before it turns deadly?

8Moonlit Roar

A group of promising Dragonars attends training camp, where, despite the danger, Ash persists in trying to get answers from Lucca's reticent parr.

9Dragon Dance

The end of training camp coincides with a devastating attack that puts the Dragonars on their toes. There may be more to Milgauss than meets the eye.

10Assembly in Fontaine

Silvia, Ash, and Eco arrive in Fontaine for the Continental Congress and meet the Paladin. Meanwhile, Milgauss begins putting his plans into action.

11Yggdrasil Rising

At the masquerade ball, Silvia pursues her hunch about Milgauss's true identity. Eco faces a hard truth that inadvertently gets her into hot water.

12The Star-Branded Dragonar

The ball is interrupted when Eco adopts her dragon form. Mordred reveals himself, and tries to possess Eco's dragon body. Can the others stop him?