Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! (2021)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A história acompanha um homem conhecido com Número 6, que faz parte de uma organização maligna chamada Kisaragi Secret Society. Em um certo dia, ele é enviado para fazer o reconhecimento de um mundo distante, ao lado de sua nova parceira, uma androide chamada Alice. Entretanto, ao chegar no novo mundo, que ele supostamente deveria invadir e dominar, Número 6 acaba por perceber que o lugar é o completo clichê de mundo de fantasias, com várias criaturas e pessoas do tipo. Agora, ele precisa encontrar uma forma de superar a diferença cultural do lugar antes de completar a sua temida dominação.


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1Spies Will Be Dispatched!

Agent Six is a powerful (but stupid) combat agent for an evil secret organization. His life takes a twist when his bosses send him to a fantasy world!

2Annihilate Your Business Rivals

Now in command of his own combat unit, Agent Six sets out to fight the enemy the only way he knows how: by being the biggest jerk he can!

3The Right Way to Clear a Tower

When the army needs to clear out a tower controlled by powerful demons, the only man for the job is the sleaziest, nastiest soldier they have: Agent Six!

4How to Defeat an Evil Leader

Six's crew is tasked with the toughest job in the army: battling the forces of Heine of the flame. She's a powerful enemy, but when he gets the upper hand, there's no limits to how far he'll go…

5To Be a Hero

Six is run out of town on a rail as the Demon Lord's army marches on the city. He's a coward and a sleeze, but is he willing to let his old friends fight the Demon Lord's army alone?

6Combatants Will Be Dispatched!

The Demon Lord's army has invaded the city, and Rose, Grimm, and Snow can barely keep them back. Will Six help them, even if it means being a good guy?

7The Con Artist Marriage Girl

With the Demon Lord's army driven away, Alice has time to investigate the local wildlife. But things turn sour when Grimm talks about summoning a ghost…

8Corrupt, Black-Hearted Knight

Princess Tillis has a plan to send Snow on an important diplomatic mission to secure water for the Kingdom of Grace. Unfortunately, Six goes with her…

9Carnivorous Female Chimera

The team gets stuck in the desert after a mission goes bad. They're forced to spend days trekking through the hot sands, and Rose is looking at Six in a very strange way…

10Kisaragi Leaders Will Be Livestreamed!

Kisaragi has defeated the heroes back on Earth, and it's time for some R&R. But things don't go as planned when Lilith starts livestreaming…

11How to Make an Evil Leader Cry

Six has a plan to save Grace Kingdom from invasion: let the enemy do all the work, then stroll in at the last minute, beat them up and steal their prize!

12Strong Partner and Smart Partner

Russell has trapped Six and his friends inside the ruins with his giant robot. Alice has a plan, but Six will have to face him alone to buy time…