Shakunetsu No Takkyuu Musume (2016)

24mAnimação, Comédia



Vamos conhecer a história das alunas do fundamental Tsumujikaze Koyori e Kamiya Agari e sua entrada no mundo do ping pong escolar.


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1My Heart's About to Burst!

Kamiya Agari is the ace of the Suzumegahara Table Tennis Team, but the arrival of Tsumujikaze Koyori reinvigorates the team and puts her place under threat.

2Unrelinquishable Spot

Agari feels more and more threatened by Koyori's rapid rise up the rankings, and she comes to a decision...

3Love It!!

Agari and Koyori face off in an all-out battle for the top spot.

4Boring Ping Pong

The table tennis team is shaken up by news that its captain is returning to the fold.

5I Want to Feel My Heart Race with You

Only Agari and Koyori stand between Kiruka and her perfect victory.


Koyori needs new rubbers for her racket but can't pay for them, so she decides to work at Hokuto's specialized goods store.

7The Ability of the National Schools

In a practice match against Mozuyama, a team that made a Nationals appearance, the Suzumegahara girls learn just what took them there.


Can Munemune and Kiruka claw one back in doubles and keep the match going?

9Never Reach Me

Agari faces Mozuyama's captain, Zakuro, in a bid to make both Koyori's and her heart race.

10My Brand of Table Tennis

Koyori takes on Kururi in the final round of the practice match. Will she able to counter her opponent's curve drive and make her heart race?

11Training Camp

The Suzumegahara Table Tennis Team heads off on a training camp to prepare for the upcoming summer tournament.

12Together, We Can Go as Far as We Want

The team's training camp comes to an end, as each member of the team works on the issues they've identified. Will Agari be able to overcome hers?