Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja (2022)

24mAnimação, Action & Adventure, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A história acompanha um mago extremamente poderoso que decide reencarnar para poder conseguir os requisitos necessários para ser ainda mais forte. Entretanto, por mais que tenha conseguido em sua primeira reencarnação atingir os padrões necessários, ele foi colocado em um mundo onde a magia é muito fraca, e todos acreditam que ele está fadado a falhar como mago.


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1The Strongest Sage Appears

The young Matthias Hildesheimer heads for the capital to take the entrance exam at the academy. He dispatches a monster, enchants a sword, and passes the exam with flying colors. How does the bearer of the "Crest of Failure" have such power?

2The Strongest Sage Enters the Dungeon

Matthias's victory at the intra-academy competition brings to light a terrible truth: demons have infiltrated humanity! To prepare for the demons' next attack, he brings Lurie and Alma into the dungeon

3The Strongest Sage Meets a Dragon

When two demons attack the city, Matthias outsources one to the girls while he fights the other in a weakened state. Can his sage's knowledge get them through the battle?

4The Strongest Sage Infiltrates

Matthias and his party take a dragon ride to the village where the demons are hiding. The demons are taken aback by his presence, but they've got something big waiting in store...

5The Strongest Sage Gains a Friend

Matthias seeks the aid of the First Academy in his creation of the barrier to repel the incoming demons. But he must first deal with the academy's uncooperative headmaster...

6The Strongest Sage Leaves the School

While Mattias works on the barrier around the school, he sends Lurie and Alma to deal with demons appearing around it. But when a full horde of demons appears before the barrier is complete, can the students alone hold them off?

7The Strongest Sage Goes on a Journey

Matthias and his team set out for the dungeon city of Melkia, where they learn that the resident adventurers are being offered up for slaughter at the whims of the local lord. Is it incompetent leadership... or more demon influence?

8The Strongest Sage Saves the City

Matthias and his party defeated the assassins sent to attack them by the corrupt local lord and with the king's permission, they formulate a plan to capture the lord of the city!

9The Strongest Sage Fights a Duel

The Radinia Alliance posses a device that will let Matthias track down the mastermind demon. But in order to enter the territory where the device lies, he must defeat a Rank S adventurer who might just give him a run for his money!

10The Strongest Sage Works With a Team

Matthias and his party head for the city of Folkia, only to find it controlled by demons and in order to stop the demonic plot to use humans to create powerful destructive weapons, the team plans to free the city.

11The Strongest Sage Faces a Powerful Enemy

At last, the agent behind the demon activity in Melkia and Folkia reveals himself... and the revelation fills even Matthias with terror. Can Alma and Lurie retrieve a powerful magical weapon before it's too late?

12The Strongest Sage Goes on a Journey Again

The highest-ranking demon, Zaridias, has finally revived. Even Matthias can't compete with the overwhelming magical power ... Alma and Rurii try to recover the magic sword made by Matthias, who lies in the treasure house of the royal capital, but the demons take the students of the school as hostages and the get stuck... Can Matthias overcome this unprecedented predicament!?