Shin Chuuka Ichiban! (2019)

24mAnimação, Comédia



A história acompanha Mao, um jovem garoto que decide viajar a China do século 19 para aperfeiçoar suas habilidades e herdar o título de mestre dos chefes da sua falecida mãe. No meio de sua jornada, Mao descobre uma organização criminosa que deseja controlar as pessoas através da comida. Para impedir isso, Mao precisa encontrar os 8 utensílios lendários de cozinha.


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1Dream Maker

Liu Maoxing has completed his culinary training and is on his way back to Guangzhou with Meili and Shirou.

2Dim Sum Master

Mao and friends return to Yang Spring Restaurant. When Shirou serves a dish to a customer without permission, the customer becomes enraged, and Mao offers to serve whatever dish the customer would like.

3The Strange Invitation

A strange invitation bearing the mark of absolute obedience arrives for Zhou Yu, Meili, and Mao. The three accept the invitation and attend the dinner party being held at a Western-style mansion.

4Pot of Grudges

When Zhou Yu becomes unable to participate in the contest after being stung by a hidden scorpion, Mao takes on the masked chef. Their contest so far is one to one.

5Ambition of the Cooking Underworld

Xie Lu warns Mao and his friends to watch out for the "cooking underworld" after his staff is stolen by a man with a black kirin crest on his hand.

6The Seventh Knife

Mao and Lei En begin their knife skills contest to determine the true heir to the legendary utensil. Their ingredient is sea bream! Mao battles Lei En's Seven Star Knives with his steel wire and Hundred Hole Knife forged by Xie Lu.

7Two Successors

Mao and Lei En's knife skills contest is concluded! When Mao grasps the legendary utensil "Ever-Soul Knife," the dragon mark signifying that he is the successor appears on the blade.

8The Eight Legendary Utensils

Recognizing Mao has the determination and skills to face the cooking underworld, Luo and Zhou Yu reveal the secret of the legendary utensils.

9Shanghai, City of Devils

Mao and his friends land in Shanghai, City of Devils. They are welcomed by former senior apprentice to Mao, Sanjie.

10Clash of the Super Dim Sum

The Huangpu River Warship Pavilion banquet begins.

11Clash of the Two Seven Star Knives

Dim sum master Xie Lu of the Steel Staff and dim sum king Luo Kong face off in the sweet bun challenge of the century!

12Man of Destiny

Lei En swears to make as many people happy using his Seven Star Knives. With the third round approaching, Mao's opponent is revealed to be a man with whom he shares history!