Shinya! Tensai Bakabon (2018)

Animação, Comédia



Tensai Bakabon mostra a história da família Bakabon, formada completamente por idiotas. A família vive provacando causos, que acontecem principalmente por causa do pai Bakabon, que, como 'filósofo', vive questionando diversas coisas e irritando a cidade toda. Nessas aventuras, seu filho acaba sendo arrastado junto nos questionamentos filosóficos de seu pai.


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1We Got Turned Into An Anime Again

Bakabon and his family are back in this new anime after 18 years of being off the air. Are they ready for this new era, or have things changed way too much?

2This Is a Pain / I Want Women to Like Me

Eel-Dog tries to wake everyone up for the show to start. / Mr. Policeman takes Bakabon's Papa, Eel-Dog and Rerere to a mixer.

3We're Going to Be in a Movie / I Want a Third

Bakabon and his family end up in a movie. / Bakabon's Papa decides that he wants a third child.

4Microtransactions! The Genius Bakabon / Anthropomorphize It

Bakabon's Papa is visited by two of his underclassmen. The first one can’t seem to stop paying for microtransactions and the second needs ideas for a new game featuring anthropomorphic characters.

5We Test the Limits of Late Night!

Bakabon's Papa and the others find out just how far they can go on late night shows.

6Anime is Hard

Bakabon's Papa decides he's going to become a manga artist so he can buy Bakabon a prime-time broadcast slot.

7We'll Do a Presentation / I Want to Become a Popular Seiyuu

One of Bakabon's Papa’s kouhais visits again and decides to make presentations about everything.

8I Want Some Action / Eel-Dog's Memorial Service

Mr. Policeman makes it clear that he wants to stand out more. / We get a glance at Eel-Dog’s personal life.

9Mr. Policeman's Aptitude Test / Real Genius Bakabon

Mr. Policeman gets assessed to see if he’s really fit for this job. / We get to see what a more realistic Bakabon would look like.

10Genius Hajime

Hajime makes a time machine and the family visits the future.

11Goodbye, Everyone

Bakabon and Hajime travel into the past to try to prevent their father from turning into an idiot.


This is the actual final episode. We promise.