Shiyan Pin Jiating (2018)

20mAnimação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



Um casal de cientistas foi preso por conduzir estudos ilegais, supostamente por realizar modificações genéticas em cinco de seus filhos. A criança mais nova, Dannis, é a única que cresceu como um ser humano normal e tornou-se o único membro da família que tem que atender ao resto dos familiares e tentar encontrar um remédio para transformá-los em humanos normais novamente. Cão-humano, gene de planta, gene da teia de aranha, assim como a leitura da mente, como os membros desta peculiar família, que cresceram acima no laboratório, sobrevivem no mundo exterior?!


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Boy genius Tanisu and his monster siblings struggle to make a life together after their mad scientist parents abandon them.


Tanisu and Aisuri clash over household responsibilities. Tanisu agrees to do all the housework himself, but gets lost running a simple errand.


After learning that the owner of their new house is coming back, Tanisu and his family return to their old home in search of medicine that will make the others appear human.


During their expedition to their old home, the family shares bittersweet memories about their lives left behind. Meanwhile, Suishi meets the family's landlord.


The landlord takes the family out for a day in the mountains. But the side effects of Ashisu and Aisuri's medicine begin to show themselves...


While Ashisu attempts to stop Aisuri's rampage, the sisters reflect upon the divergent paths their lives have taken as guinea pigs for their parents' experiments.


The landlord leads an outing to pick up some used furniture and introduce the family to the local town. But when they arrive at the seller's house, they receive disheartening news...


Snow is laid up with a cold, but the local doctor is out of medicine. While the landlord heads to the mainland to restock, Suishi seek a cure on the Internet.


Tanisu goes in search for Snow, who has gone missing. But when he finally finds him, he ends up witnessing a heartbreaking sight.


After a sleepless night, Tanisu finds his family gone. While he runs around the island in search of them, he recalls the time they've spent together.