Shokugeki no Souma (2015)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Drama

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O sonho de Yukihira Souma é se tornar um chef no restaurante de seu pai e superar a culinária dele. Mas assim que Yukihira se forma no ensino fundamental, seu pai, Jouichirou, fecha o restaurante para ir cozinhar na Europa. Apesar de estar para baixo, o espírito lutador de Souma reacende quando seu pai o desafia a sobreviver numa escola de culinária de elite onde só 10% dos alunos se formam. Será que Souma sobreviverá?


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1Exames finais

O sonho de Yukihira Souma é se tornar um chef em tempo integral no restaurante de seu pai e superar as habilidades culinárias de seu pai. Mas, assim que Yukihira se forma no ensino médio, seu pai, Yukihira Jouichirou, fecha o restaurante para cozinhar na Europa. Embora oprimido, o espírito de luta de Souma é reacendido por um desafio de Jouichirou, que é sobreviver em uma escola de culinária de elite, onde apenas 10% dos estudantes se formam. Souma pode sobreviver?

1What We Want to Protect

Régiment du Cuisine with the Central Gourmet organization lead by Azami Nakiri continues. The 1st BOUT was won by the Soma and the rebels! To keep the momentum going and secure more wins, the rebels place Kuga, Mimasaka and Megishima as their next cards. Central on the other hand, sends in First seat; Tsukasa, Second seat; Rindo and Fourth seat; Saito. With the best members of both team, 2nd BOUT is bound to throw off some sparks!

1Challenging the Elite Ten

Soma finds out that Totsuki has a school festival that happens at the end of autumn called the Moon Festival. Soma is told by the 8th seat of the Elite Ten, Kuga, that if he’s able to beat him in any dish there, he’ll accept a Shokugeki from him and Soma decides to enter the Moon Festival so he can challenge him. He then goes to Kuga’s Chinese Food RS and sees...

1What Fills the Box

Soma faces off against Alice in the Fall Elections. The theme: bento! Alice specializes in molecular gastronomy. How will each draw on their expertise to craft the ultimate bento?

1Um Deserto Sem Fim

O jovem aprendiz de cozinheiro Soma pretende assumir o restaurante do pai, mas o destino tem outras coisas reservadas para ele.

2The BLUE Preliminaries

A world cooking competition "THE BLUE" was announced to be held. Three slots were available for Totsuki Culinary Institute. With that seat on the line, a "Blue Prequel" will be held that is open to all students in the academy! All were welcome to participate, so many students were positive to apply. Who will be the top 3 winners chosen by the 99 judges? A battle royale between chefs on the theme “Soup Dishes” is about to begin…!

2Camera Flash

2nd BOUT of the Régiment du Cuisine is between Megishima & Rindo, Mimasaka & Saito and Kuga & Tsukasa! The theme of each team is "Chilli", "Tuna" and "Green Tea". Mimasaka shows off his new skill which he devised from working together in a team. The rebel team unite as one to defeat the new found Totsuki Elite Ten! Their dishes are both ready and judgement begins...!

2"Má" and "Là"

After seeing the Chinese Food RS, Soma decides to put out a Chinese cuisine food stall at the Moon Festival to challenge Kuga. Meanwhile, Alice pairs up with Kurokiba and Hayama, and the others also start to prepare for the Moon Festival. Soma starts preparing a dish for his stand at the festival with the help of Megumi, but things aren’t going that well...

2The Interplay of Light and Shadow

With Soma declared victor in the first match, it is now Megumi's turn to rise to the occasion. The theme is ramen, and her opponent is Kurokiba Ryo. What will these complete opposites in personalities and cooking styles choose for their ramen broth?

2Língua de Deus

Sob ordens do seu pai, Soma tenta se transferir para uma das melhores escolas culinárias do Japão, a Academia Tootsuki. Sua examinadora, Nakiri Erina, é uma estudante que possui o melhor paladar da humanidade: A Língua de Deus.


The new lecturer Suzuki challenges Soma on a battle...! Though not a formal battle, Suzuki will be betting on his own “secret” and Soma his “kitchen knife” respectively. The theme was “Items made of ingredients found in the cooking lab’s refrigerator”. While Soma serves a pork cutlet based on his techniques from Yukihira's, Suzuki made an unexpected move... After the match, Soma learns a shocking fact from Suzuki.

3Hope in Solidarity

2nd BOUT between the new and old members of the Elite Ten continues. Megishima and Mimasaka have lost only by a fraction. Why is Kuga so tanaciously persistant on Tsukasa? What kind of dish will they make using "green tea"? 2nd BOUT comes to an end! The rebels enjoy short break but Momo, 3rd seat of the Elite Ten, visits them...

3Moon Festival

The Moon Festival finally begins! The dish that Soma decides to make for his stand are black pepper pork buns that are made in a stone oven. However, the crowd keeps going over to the more luxorious Chinese cuisine RS's stand instead. Soma ends up in the red on the first day. Since students who end up with losses during this school festival will be expelled, Soma is already in trouble. Will he be able to turn things around?!

3The Generation of Prodigies

Round 2 has finally concluded--who will emerge victorious? Round 3 also begins, pitting the favored candidate, Hayama Akira, against Nakiri Erina's aide, Arato Hisako!

3O Chef que Nunca Sorri

Soma prepara-se para encarar seu primeiro desafio em Tootsuki: a aula de culinária francesa com um professor que nunca sorriu.

4The Last Supper

The first day of the BLUE has arrived. There are many young talented chefs at the venue, including the Les Cuisiniers Noirs led by Asahi. The culinary competition begins and Soma, Megumi, Takumi and Erina head to the designated venue. The first challenge given to soma is “the Last Supper”!? How will he tackle this task!?

4Aim for Victory!

The Régiment du Cuisine enters 3rd BOUT! Soma vs Saito, Takumi vs Eizan and Megumi vs Momo are the next round. The 3 members of the rebels study under famous chefs and Megumi is taken care by Shinomiya. However, her past experience with him bring back traumatic memories and she is unable to do her best. What made her come back to herself was... shojo comics!?

4Pride of Young Lions

It is now the third day of the Moon Festival! While the addition of the Sorta Danzi Noodles dish to their lineup has helped Soma improve their sales, they are nowhere near Chinese Cuisine RS, who continues to dominate the sales rankings. Soma decides to get help and start serving yet another new dish: Mapo Tofu, the same as Chinese Cuisine RS! However, his version has a surprising secret--what is Soma's strategy?

4The Pursuer

The 4th round between Takumi Aldini and Mimasaka Subaru unexpectedly becomes a shokugeki. Takumi's bruised pride ignites his desire to beat Mimasaka, but Mimasaka starts making the exact same dish as Takumi…

4A Maria do Kyokusei

Soma chega ao Dormitório Kyokusei, mas ele precisa passar por um teste antes de conquistar um teto para passar a noite.

5Convenience Store Brawl

Having completed the first challenge, Soma heads off to the second venue. There, he encounters someone unexpected. The second challenge begins and its theme is to “cook something worth over $100, with items sold in the convenience store”! Soma is confident with the theme, however, every dish he presents are rejected by the judges! What could be the reason!?

5You're Through

Between Megumi and Momo, who will concur over the 3rd BOUT of Régiment du Cuisine? Meanwhile, Takumi and Eizan prep for their "beef"-themed dish. While Takumi works on his version of Japanese traditional dish "shigureni", Eizan plays dirty behind his back in order to get advantage! Being cornered, what’s Takumi’s secret plan?

5The Darkening Dinner Table

The final day of the Moon Festival is here. Soma and Kuga's battle finally draws to a close--who will emerge the victor? After closing up shop in the Central Area, Soma and Megumi accept Rindo's invitation to go to Tsukasa Eishi's booth in the Yamanote Area! What kind of food will be served by the first seat?

5The Secret in the First Bite

Not only will Yukihira face Mimasaka in the semi-finals, but the match will also be a shokugeki! Yukihira even tells Mimasaka what he'll prepare for the match--how does he plan to defeat Mimasaka's perfect profiling?

5A Rainha do Gelo e a Tempestade da Primavera

Soma tem seu primeiro duelo contra um membro da Elite dos Dez - mas ele terá que se esforçar mais ainda para subir na hierarquia da Tootsuki.

6A Midsummer Christmas

When Soma arrives at the gate of the third challenge, the organizer of BLUE who is also the top of WGO, tells them that she has no expectations for the normal chefs like him. The underground chefs are to show their culinary skills in order to prove how powerful they really are. One of the chosen chefs takes out a cookery tool which turns out to be a chaisaw!? Soma and others witness unusual yet undeniable skills of the underground chefs. Are there any ways to counter them!?

6A Single Blade

The match between Takumi and Eizan comes to an end and there’s only one pair left: Soma is up against Saito, who overcame Mimasaka’s Perfect Trace! What will they cook, using the theme of their battle, “butter”?

6The Imprisoned Queen

More than half the Elite Ten Council have been turned by Erina's father, Nakiri Azami, and appointed him as Totsuki's new director! News of the regime change comes as a shock to the whole campus, and there is unease in the air. One day, Soma goes back to his room, only to find the former director, Senzaemon, waiting for him. Senzaemon begins to tell Soma about Erina's shocking past...

6Dawn Will Come Again

Soma and Mimasaka's beef stew shokugeki has finally begun! Not only has Mimasaka copied Soma's use of oxtail as an ingredient, but his added twists also begin to sway the audience and the judges. But Soma still has a few tricks up his sleeve…

6A Invasora da Carne

Soma conhece a Sociedade de Pesquisa do Donmono e cabe a ele defendê-la das garras malígnas de Nakiri Erina.

7Crossed Knives

Soma is to face off one of the underground chefs, Sarge and the theme of the challenge is Christmas cake. Will Soma’s cake and its hidden gimmick good enough to counter Sarge’s mouthwatering “Cluster Bomb Cake”? Who will be the winner!? Meanwhile, Tsukasa’s first battle begins. He is up against Asahi Saiba! The battle of the ex-1st of the Totsuki Academy and leader of the underground chefs begin!

7The Two Queens

The heated battle enters 4th BOUT! The remaining 3 Central members are Tsukasa, Rindo and Momo. With stakes at the highest, the rebel team goes all-out with their best, too: Isshiki, Takumi and Erina! Erina finally joins the battle and she is up against Momo! The unlosable battle begins..!

7It Begins

With Alice and Hisako's help, Erina escaped from her family home and came to Polar Star Dormitory. Meanwhile, Azami establishes Central, whose members will solely consist of students he personally finds worthy. In addition, he announces the dissolution of research groups, research societies, and clubs! Polar Star Dormitory is also on the list...

7Beasts Devouring Each Other

Following Soma's victory in the 1st round of the semi-finals, the 2nd round between Kurokiba Ryo and Hayama Akira begins! Which one of them will advance to the finals?

7O Don Silencioso, O Don Eloquente

Chegou o momento do Shokugeki entre Soma e Nikumi. Conseguirá um simples Don superar a lendária carne A5?

8The Missing Half of the Moon

Takumi versus Don Calma, member the underground chefs begin! The theme of the battle is to create amuse-bouche in team. However, Isami who supposed to help Takumi doesn’t show up at the venue. It turns out that he has been kidnapped by Don Calma’s cronies. With Takumi’s back on the wall, Soma unexpectedly appears!

8Watching from Beside You

Azami Nakiri turns up to the battle venue and announces that he will be involved as a judge for this round! Rebels are outraged but even Senzaemon, who is supposed to be on their side, agrees to this change. With everyone confused, Takumi's and Rindo’s dishes are ready to be served!

8The Alchemist

Soma and Eizan begin the shokugeki that will determine the fate of Polar Star Dormitory. Hereto known more as a skilled consultant, Eizan's strengths as a chef will finally become known. The shokugeki's topic is Satsuma chicken from Kagoshima prefecture. However, the match is rigged due to Eizan having bought out all the judges. Does Soma have a fighting chance?

8Battle of Seasonality

Soma is optimistic about the finals because of his family diner's longstanding history with pacific saury as a menu item. However, his confidence is soon crushed when he realizes that Hayama and Kurokiba are far more skilled at selecting the best pacific saury the fish market has to offer. Can Soma overcome this major disadvantage?

8O Concerto da Inspiração e da Imaginação

O acampamento da Academia Tootsuki é, na verdade, um inferno na Terra. E o primeiro grande desafio já aguarda Soma e seus amigos.

9The God Tongue's Despair

Soma realizes that Erina is facing much harsher tasks than the others. They head to see the organizer of the event to protest. Instead, however, they discover astonishing truth! In the second round of the final selection, Megumi is to face Asahi and Takumi is up against Erina! Must-win battles begin!

9The First and Second Seats

One win for the Central and one win for the rebels! The shokugeki between Isshiki and Tsukasa reaches its climax! The theme was a classical French ingredient, rabbit meat. Isshiki’s dish manage to impress the judges but Tsukasa seems to be unmoved. Will Tsukasa be able to surpass Isshiki’s super aggressive dish?

9Hunting the Survivors

Though Polar Star Dormitory has won a narrow victory, the Azami administration is continuing its revolution. Isshiki (7th Seat), Megishima (3rd Seat), Kuga (8th Seat) are removed from the Elite Ten. Furthermore, the administration begins its "survivor hunt" to crush remaining organizations who seek to overturn the administration's decision to shut them all down...

9A Sword That Signals Autumn

The Fall Elections Finals are finally here, with a historic face-off between three finalists at once. While Hayama and Kurokiba produce fresh pacific saury glinting like swords, Soma's pacific saury is a bit different…

9O Manto que Adorna a Montanha

Isami e Takumi já entregaram seu prato, mas Soma nem começou. Como ele vai surpreender a Chef Inui?

10Surpassing Dad

Soma steadily wins his way up and will be facing Asahi in the next battle! Erina’s concern towards her mother makes her think perhaps it would be best for everyone if Asahi won the competition. The secret of the people with the “God’s tongue” is the reason for her doubt. In the meantime, Joichiro returns to Japan and reveals to Dojima how he met Soma’s mother and came to be involved with Asahi.

10How to Build a Specialty

The last Régiment du Cuisine begins! For the FINAL BOUT, each member from the team must complete 1 entree and 1 main dish to complete a course meal. Although team work is crucial to this battle, Soma and Erina continue to bicker on. On the other hand, the invincible pair Tsukasa and Rindo are ready to present their dishes…!

10The Salmon Will Dance

With the survival of Cutting Edge Cuisine RS on the line, Kurokiba and Kusunoki's shokugeki begins. Not only does Kusunoki prepare the key ingredient, salmon, with the same skill as Kurokiba, but he also pulls out a steam convection oven. How will Kurokiba counter Kusunoki's expertise in cutting edge culinary skills?

10A New Genius

Though presumed inferior to Kurokiba's cartoccio and Hayama's carpaccio, Soma's pacific saury dish had been hiding a secret. Will Soma's strategy work to sway the judges

10A Receira Suprema

Soma e Tadokoro enfrentam o desafio do Chef Shinomiya, mas dessa vez, não poderão trabalhar juntos para vencer.

11The Taste of Failure

Soma and Asahi’s battle begin! The theme of the battle is to cook a dish that has elements of the 5 cuisine of the world. The battle situation seems to be in favor of Asahi, who completed his dish first using his cross-knives technique. However, the dish Soma prepared was a “diner food”!? Will his dish match a plate that has been recognized by the “God’s Tongue”?

11Song of Hope

During the FINAL BOUT, Soma challenges Erina to a Shokugeki. There is a hidden motive behind it: Soma wants Erina to put everything she’s got into her “Killer Dish”... As the time-limit draws nearer, Erina takes on Soma’s challenge and starts to prepare a new dish! What will Erina present as her “Killer Dish”?

11Der Weiße Ritter der Tafel

Cutting Edge Cuisine RS was able to defeat Central. However, other organizations who suffered defeat have been shut down, strengthening Central's control over the academy. Meanwhile, the First Seat happens to become the substitute instructor in Soma's class, and Soma volunteers to be his assistant...

11The Stagiaire

After a brief respite following the Fall Elections, Soma's class is sent off to the Stagiare, a training program out in the real world where students must succeed in leaving visible results at their training location. Soma ends up at a Western restaurant with Arato. He draws on his experience and readily steps up to the challenge, but will that be enough to pass the Stagiare?

11O Mago Que Veio do Leste

Começa o Shokugeki de Soma e Megumi contra Shinomiya. Mas uma condição imposta por Dojima deixa a situação mais perigosa.

12The Perfect Rocks

Like Asashi’s dish, Soma’s dish triggers Mana’s “Gifting” ability within the venue. Who will win and move forward!? Soma and Asahi’s battle finally ends! In the meantime, Azami Nakiri visits Mana. Azami and Mana’s past is revealed for the first time…

12The New "Totsuki Elite Ten"

The time has come to decide the winner for the FINAL BOUT! In the end, the rebel team wins the battle! Azami admits the defeat of the Central and leave the venue without a word. However, he is stopped by his old friends Joichiro and Dojima. At the same time, Soma and others have gathered to decide who will sit at the table of the Elite Ten council...

12The One Who Aims for the Summit

Soma battles with the First Seat of the Totsuki Elite Ten, Tsukasa. If Soma loses, he has to join Central and Tsukasa wagers seat in the Elite Ten. Their topic is French cuisine using venison. However, Soma pulls out an unlikely ingredient and a bizarre tool. The judges for this battle end up being Erina, Megumi, and Hisako who thought they were hiding, but were found. Who will be the victor in this battle that could greatly change both of their lives?

12The Magician Once More

Clearing his first Stagiare with ease, Soma heads off to his next training location to find it is a new restaurant to be opened by Shinomiya Kojiro, his former shokugeki opponent. What awaits Soma in Shinomiya's French restaurant kitchen?

12Memória de um Prato

O Shokugeki entre Tadokoro e Shinomiya entra na sua reta final, quando é revelada a verdade por trás da atitude do orgulhoso chef.

13Food Wars

The BLUE reaches its climax with Soma and Erina’s final battle. However, Erina is too worked up over her mission to save Mana. Soma decides to cook a dish for Erina instead! What will become of their battle!?

13Advancement Exam

The 1st years at the Totsuki Culinary Institute are facing the biggest event of the 2nd semester, “The Advancement Exam”! However, the mood is gloomy at Polar Star dormitory as it is rumored that those who won't obey Azami's regime will face elimination. As Soma reflects on the situation, he is visited by Erina. When he hears her thoughts, he starts to cook a “Yukihira dish” and make her taste it…!

13Pomp and Circumstance

Only one more day of being a Stagiaire at SHINO's Tokyo. Soma continues to learn various things about French cuisine and is able to participate in the employee competition. Will Soma be able to impress Shinomiya with his dish and will he pass his Stagiaire course?

13Ovos Antes do Amanhecer

Depois do Shokugeki, as coisas pareciam que íam se acalmar no acampamento, mas Dojima lança um novo desafio que fará os alunos da Totsuki perderem o sono.

14Onward on the Totsuki Train

The advancement exam traditionally takes place in Hokkaido every year. With theme of the exam being Hokkaido ingredients, Erina is to hold a special lesson on Hokkaido to the Polar Star members. With extra hard training, they are now ready for the exam. Soma and others arrive in Hakodate. The 1st exam shortly begins; however, they are already facing the interference from the Central Gourmet Organization…!


A tarefa do café da manhã está quase acabando, mas Soma não serviu uma porção sequer. Será que ele vai conseguir superar essa dificuldade?

15Jeanne d'Arc Rises

After passing the 1st exam, Soma and others are moving onto the 2nd exam! The next theme is “noodle dish”! However, they face another obstruction from the Central! When it's their time to cook, all the noodles were used up. Although the regulation is to “procure any missing ingredients yourself”, they are stranded in the rural mountain side venue and are also grounded with heavy snow! How will Soma and friends get through this!?

15O Homem Chamado de "Demônio"

De volta ao Dormitório Kyokusei, Soma recebe uma visita inesperada: a de seu pai, de volta do exterior.

16Revenge Match

The advancement exam continues. In the 3rd exam, students are to battle Totsuki Elite Ten members! Soma is up against none other than Hayama, who joined the council recently. Their exam will begin in 3 days’ time, with “bear meat” as its theme. Soma goes straight into trials but because of its distinct smell, bear meat is proven more difficult to handle. As Soma tackles bear meat fruitlessly, an unexpected person comes to his aid…!

16O Chef que Cruzou Mil Léguas

Quando o pai de Soma, Jouichirou aparece de repente no Dormitório Kyokusei, Soma descobre que seu pai foi um aluno da Tootsuki e que também ficou no Kyokusei. Jouichirou desafia Soma para um duelo culinário para descobrir o quanto seu filho progrediu. Como que...

17The Umami Tightrope

Soma thinks upon the circumstance of Shiomi Seminar’s closure and the reason why Hayama joined the Central without a fight. Dojima, who knew why Hayama joined the Elite Ten, tells Soma it was because Azami has been pulling the wires from behind. With that knowledge, Soma heads to where Hayama is! Finally, the day of the 3rd exam is here! Soma’s revenge match begins!!

17O Karaage Sensual

De volta à sua cidade, Soma se depara com um novo desafio: uma nova loja está prestes a destruir o distrito comercial onde fica o Yukihira.

18For Whom

The 3rd round of the Advancement Exam begins with Soma vs new member of the Elite Ten, Hayama! Soma throws everything he’s got into his ultimately delicious Bear Menchi Katsu, which seemed like a winning dish already. In that situation, Hayama’s bear meat dish is finally revealed! A bear dish prepared with Hayama’s extremely acute sense of smell blows judges away and even makes them admit that it surpasses Soma’s dish! However, Soma’s eyes still shine with hope. What will his next move be!?

18O Karaage da Juventude

Soma, Nikumi e Mayu continuam tentando desenvolver um karaage que derrote o Mozuya, quando uma resposta inesperada se apresenta.

19Declaration of War

Hisako, Alice and Kurokiba all failed the third exam and were expelled! In desperation, Erina directly negotiates with Azami but her pleas are not taken seriously. Soma also challenges Azami for the seat at the Elite Ten. Like Erina, his challenge is also brushed away but the situation changes entirely when a certain person appears at the scene!

19O Escolhido

Com o intuito de se preparar para as Eleições de Outono, Soma e Tadokoro vão visitar uma velha amiga de Joichiro e aprender sobre as maravilhas dos temperos.

20Erina's Diligent Studies

In order to prepare themselves for the upcoming Régiment du Cuisine, Soma and the others divide into 2 teams for practice battle. While they are not allowed to speak under the rule, the team leader Dojima prepares a dish but to everyone’s confusion, he improvises from the recipe. As Takumi tries to understand Dojima’s intention, he recalls back to the events at Stagiaire Challenge…

20O Dragão se Prostra e Sobe aos Céus

O desafio do curry das Eleições de Outono finalmente começa, e cada um dos participantes aplica suas habilidades ao prato.

21The Pioneer of the Wastelands

23 years ago, Polar Star dormitory lead by Saiba Joichiro and Dojima Gin was known as the strongest of all Totsuki Academy. Joichiro’s creative dishes won many competitions and were recognized by many, however, he had an unsettling feeling inside him…

21O Conhecido Desconhecido

Começam os julgamentos do Bloco B, e Sadatsuka Nao e Arato Hisako lutam pelo coração de Nakiri Erina.

22To the Final Battleground

The day of the Regiment de Cuisine is here! Soma has selected 8 best members to defeat the Central! After Azami and Erina’s discussion, it was decided that Soma, Isshiki and Megishima will fight in the 1st BOUT. Soma is up against Kinokuni Nene, the 6th seat in Central and also an expert in “soba” noodles! What will the shokugeki theme be!?

22Superando o Ordinário

As avaliações do Bloco B continuam, e agora é a vez dos Irmãos Aldini mostrarem a que vieram!

23Bearing Polar Star Dormitory

Excitement rises as the judges arrive at the venue of the Regiment de Cuisine. Isshiki is up against the 8th seat and Italian cuisine specialist Shiratsu Julio! His rivalry for Isshiki is apparent but what’s the reason behind it? Julio’s dish is ready first! What will the judges reaction be!?

23A Disputa Entre Os Que Florescem

As avaliações continuam, e agora é a vez dos alunos do dormitório Kyokusei mostrarem a que vieram!

24The Basis for Strength

The 3rd and final battle between Soma and Nene is heating up, as they are putting everything they've got in the dish! As the theme of shokugeki is soba, Nene is in her element and finishes first. Her dish is highly praised by the judges so what will Soma cook up to turn the situation around!?

24O Banquete dos Guerreiros

Chega a hora do confronto final entre Soma e Hayama nas preliminares das Eleições de Outono! Quem será o vencedor da guerra do curry?!