Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! (2020)

25mAnimação, Comédia



Nova série de Show by Rock!! apresentando a nova banda Mashumairesh!!.


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1White Startline

Howan leaves her snowy village for the big city to try and debut as an artist.

2Yell and Response

After they sing together in the street, Ruhuyu and Delmin show Howan around Under North Zawa.

3On The Bike

A band of high school delinquents called DOKONJOFINGER do community service, and Howan looks for a part-time job.

4No Problem!!

The girls have a hot pot party to celebrate Howan's job interview, but something's up with Ruhuyu and Delmin.

5Parallelism Crown

At the concert of the popular band, REIJINGSIGNAL, Howan is chosen from the audience to go to the backstage party.


Himeko's been acting strange, so Howan tries different things to get her to open up.

7Endless Waltz of Crimson Flashing Wings with Guts

Mashumairesh!. and DOKONJOFINGER have training camps, and DOKONJOFINGER ends up in a curling competition.

8Neon Tetra no Sora

The newly-formed Mashumairesh!. gets a challenge to play in a battle of the bands.


DOKONJOFINGER needs to decide what they want out of being in a band together.


Himeko is having trouble coming up with ideas for a new song, so the other three try different things to help.

11Your Rhapsody

It's the day before Mashumairesh!. is scheduled to play at Midi Rock, and the girls are excited and nervous about their performance.


It's the day of Midi City 6969 Festival, and the girls of Mashumairesh!! are rushing to the venue. Will they make it in time?