Slow Start (2018)

25mAnimação, Comédia



Na história acompanhamos uma garota que entra em uma classe aonde todos são um ano mais jovens que ela.


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1The First Butterflies

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2Exercise Wears Me Out

Hana and her classmates have lunch together. Hana enjoys comparing lunches and sharing food with each other, but she still keeps her past a secret. Meanwhile, the school's sports test begins. Unfortunately, Hana hasn't gotten any exercise at all during her year off between middle school and high school.

3Teardrops are Falling

The girls talk about how they're going to spend their Golden Week vacation. After realizing that they all have the final day of the break open, they make plans to meet up for a study session to prepare for proficiency tests the following day, and decide to go to Hana's apartment. Hana can't contain her excitement over having friends coming to her place and Shion is just as thrilled when she hears the news. As Golden Week begins, the four enjoy their stretch of days off, each in their own way, until it's finally the day of the study session.

4The Premium Tournament on the Second Floor

Hiroe Hannen is the mysterious resident of Temari Heights apartment 202. When Hana goes up to deliver a package for her, paranoid Hiroe mistakes Hana as a suspicious intruder. Her misunderstanding is straightened out with Shion's introduction, but it soon becomes clear that Hiroe is a shut-in, who cannot step out even to the convenience store. Her high school years were smooth sailing until an accident that became a turning point in her life. Hearing Hiroe's personal story resonates with Hana, who then shares her secret of being a year behind in high school.

5Kamuri’s Fluffy

The Eiko-loving Kamuri is thrilled when she gets a middle school-era photo of her. However, the Eiko in the photo doesn't look like the Eiko Kamuri saw in passing one year earlier. And yet, Eiko confirms that it is indeed her in the picture. Unsatisfied with the lingering mystery, Kamuri talks to Hana who recalls that she recently saw a girl who looked a lot like Eiko in the shopping district. The two are intrigued by the possibility of a look-alike and set off in search of Eiko's secret.

6Sliminess of an Eel

The point of the sleepover at Hana’s apartment is supposed to be a study session to prepare for the girls’ upcoming semester finals, but Tamate is more interested in cooking a delicious dinner for them. The girls also enjoy playing a video game and taking a bath, rewards for studying hard. They cap off the enjoyable evening with bedtime ghost stories which results in a freaked-out Hana being unable to sleep.

7Cuffed Wrists

Eiko gets presents from her classmates on her birthday, but they all turn out to be hairpins. Being a good friend, Eiko puts them all on, resulting in a head full of hairpins and the new nickname "Pinko" bestowed upon her by their teacher, Ms. Enami. On the walk home from school, Eiko is back to wearing just her normal mature-looking hairpin, which becomes the subject of a discussion. A curious Tamate asks where she bought the hairpin, but Eiko only gives an enigmatic smile and says it's a secret.

8Hana's Friends

Hana hasn't talked to half the students in her class since the school year started. Worried about Hana, the girls try to help her break her shyness. Later, Hana and her friends go shopping for swimsuits.

9Gorilla in a Swimsuit

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10The Shark's Cousin

Eiko is still keeping her accessory-making a secret from her friends, but gives a handmade brooch to Hana, her one confidant. Hana is thrilled to get it, but feels guilty about continuing to keep her own secret about her gap year before starting high school. She can't decide whether to share the truth with her friends.

11Tomato Festival

At last the summer vacation starts! The four decide to go to the summer festival together. They have lunch at Tama's place and get ready to attend the festival in their yukatas!

12Starting Slow

Hana's mother always bought clothes for her, but now she's going to choose her own outfit for the first time. The problem is she can't imagine what kind of clothes would suit her. When Hana goes to her friends for advice, Eiko proposes they all go out shopping the following day. Tamate is also excited about helping Hana choose an outfit that would look good on her, while Kamuri is more interested in having post-shopping parfaits. When she gets home that day, Hana ponders over the kind of clothes that would be her style.