Somali to Mori no Kamisama (2020)

24mAnimação, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama

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Na história você acompanha um golem – conhecido como guardião da floresta – cuidando de uma garotinha humana que encontrou sozinha. O curioso, no entanto, é que humanos são considerado praticamente como extintos naquele mundo, o que torna a existência da garota algo misterioso e complicado.


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1Journeying Parent and Child

In a world ruled by monsters, a golem takes a human child on a journey in search of her own kind. In a city, the people express surprise at seeing a golem leave its forest, and a curious Somali strays from Golem's side.

2Edible Herbs and the Oni's Dwelling

When Somali gets injured, the dwarf oni doctor Shizuno invites them back to his house for treatment. Golem asks Shizuno to teach him how to make medicine to use on their journey going forward.

3The Sea at the Bottom of the Cave

In order to earn travel funds, Golem gets a job working for Kokilila in Anthole City. As Somali watches him at work, she begins to fear he's trying to end their journey as soon as possible. Kokilia's son, Kikila, then leads her into an underground world to cheer Somali up.

4The Wishing Flower and the Promise Request

With Kikila and Muthrica's help, Somali finds a flower that will grant wishes. But Golem scolds her for coming home late, and tells her they may not be able to travel together anymore. The psychological trauma collides with Somali's building exhaustion from the journey, and causes her to collapse.

5The Wandering Birds

When Golem and Somali need to travel across a large desert, two bird travelers, Uzoi and Haitora, offer them free transport. But these travelers harbor secrets, and they could possibly be a danger to Somali.

6Dying Flowers Look Up at the Birds

Hoping to cure Haitora's illness, Uzoi attacks Somali, but realizes she can't bring herself to hurt her. That night, Haitora reveals an important secret to Golem... which Uzoi happens to overhear.

7The Footsteps That Stalk the Witches

After leaving the desert, Somali and Golem travel to a witch village in search of a library that holds books from around the world, in which they have hopes of finding books about humans that may provide clues of their current whereabouts. After learning of a book about humans called "The Story of Haraiso" in the witches' library, they work with the librarian, Hazel, to find the book.

8Meeting and Bonds Prayed For

Somali and Golem meet the head librarian of library since she was the last one to possess "The Chronicle of Haraiso". Upon meeting her, they learn she's also the author of the book and they listen as she shares the story of her ancestor, Feodora, and her first encounter with humans ages before.

9Memories of Minor Days

Somali and Golem stay for the night at an empty lodge when it starts raining. The two spend time baking together when Somali finds a cookbook. During the night, two friends appear before them.

10The Infant Child and the Green Boulder

Golem recalls back to the time he first met Somali in his forest. Later, when Golem and Yabashira begin their jobs as bodyguards, Somali and Shizuno do arts and crafts when Somali decides she wants to make a gift for Golem.

11Those Who Protect and Those Who Threaten

Somali finishes her fita band with Auntie Rosa's help, and exchanges presents with Golem. But that night, hunters attack...

12Bonded Father and Child

Golem transforms and fights off the human hunters to protect Somali. But when he continues to rampage, the others stop him from doing anymore harm. After the incident, Golem questions if he can still continue his role as Somali's father.