Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii (2014)

23mAnimação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure

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Nike, a quarta princesa do Principado da Chuva e alguém que possui o poder de criar chuva, viaja para o Reino do Sol para se casar com o Rei do Sol Livius, por seu país, apesar de estar relutante. Ela logo descobre que o Rei, que dominou o mundo em apenas três anos após ser coroado, ainda é uma criança! Além disso, por motivos triviais, ele ordena que Nike crie chuva!


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1The Sun Kingdom

The fourth sovereign daughter of the Principality of Rain, Nike, has been betrothed to the Sun King, Livius I. After a long journey, she arrives in his Sun Kingdom, only to be shocked by its prosperity. She decides to wander the kingdom herself to see what it's like, when two men appear before her...

2The Rain Princess

Nike meets Livius I (Livi). Livi knows that Nike has the power to summmon rain, and orders her to make it rain for him. Nike is angered by his selfishness, but it turns out he has another reason for wanting to see the rain. Meanwhile, enemy forces make an attempt on Livi's life.

3Chancellor's Declaration

Nike has settled into life in the Sun Kingdom. She is more interested in growing closer to Livi than she was when they first met, but she still can't understand what he's thinking all the time. Meanwhile, a coming out party is held to present the bride of Livius I.

4Ring of Tales (1)

In the Sun Kingdom, it is customary that a marriage in the royal family must earn the approval of the Ministry of the Priesthood. The Ministry rejects Nike, however, and demands that she perform the potentially fatal "Rite of Illumination." Livi is worried for Nike's safety, but Nike decides to perform the rite to see herself accepted.

5Ring of Tales (2)

Nike heads for the underground temple that serves as the site of the Rite of Illumination. Overcoming peril after peril, she finally reaches it, when she is attacked suddenly by a band of men in black. She flees from them with all her strength, but they gradually catch up, when suddenly...

6Call My Name

Princess Luna of the Ocean Kingdom arrives, and declares herself Livi's fiance. She has loved Livi since they were children, and therefore views Nike as a rival. Nike is confused at first, but Luna's bold declaration of her feelings and effortless royal demeanor begin to fill her with anxiety.

7Wild Waltz

One day, out of nowhere, Livi's uncle Bardwin (Bard) returns home. Although he once supported Livi as prime minister, Livi shows nothing but resentment towards him. Bard, for his part, also toys with Livi and makes aggressive advances on Nike. What was the real reason for Bard's return?

8Shelter from the Rain

It is revealed that the former prime minister, Bard, returned home out of concern for Livi. Although Livi and Bard continue to seek each other out and need each other's assistance, they never seem to come to an understanding. What will Nike do to express her vexation about the matter?

9The Principality of Rain

Nike's busy life as wife of the Sun King is interrupted by an urgent message from the Principality of Rain. Nike's grandmother, Tohara, has collapsed, and she wants to see her granddaughter. Livi notices Nike's concern for her grandmother, and decides to journey with her to the Principality of Rain.

10A Righteous Country

The Principality of Rain is in a flurry to welcome Livi and the rest of the visitors from the Sun Kingdom. Nike and Livi are relieved to find that Tohara is healthier than her message suggested. But a threat of unease approaches from the shadows...

11A Passing Breeze

Livi ends up in a dangerous state trying to achieve Tohara's unreasonable demand. To escape confinement and reach Livi, Nike injures herself over and over again. What awaits them at the end of their passionate struggle to find one another?


Tohara wants to keep Nike with her at any cost. But when she learns how Nike and Livi feel about each other, she goes of her own accord to see her granddaughter off joyfully. Nike and Livi return to the Sun Kingdom having formally acknowledged their feelings for each other. And so their new life together truly begins...