Stove League (2019)


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Se Young é a chefe mais jovem da equipe de gerenciamento do Dreams, um time de beisebol de porão. Ela é altamente reconhecida por sua perseverança e intensa paixão pela equipe. Um dia, Seung Su é apontado como gerente geral. Embora ele tenha trabalhado no campo esportivo, as equipes que ele liderou no campeonato eram impopulares, e algumas foram dissolvidas após vencer a liga devido às dificuldades financeiras de suas empresas controladoras. Esse novo gerente geral infeliz seria capaz de levar o Dreams à conquista do campeonato com a apaixonada Se Young?


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1I am General Manager Baek Seung Soo

The Dreams is a frail baseball team continuously landing the last place. In order to have better results the following season, the team finds a new general manager, Baek Seung Su, who despite having little experience with baseball, has a track record of winning with other sports.

2I will trade Lim Dong Gyu

Rumors spread that the Dreams' new general manager, Baek Seung Su, is planning to trade the team's most famed player, Lim Dong Gyu, for reasons unbeknownst to the employees. Despite backlash and opposition, Baek Seung Su manages to explain his reasons to the employees and successfully negotiates the trade deal.

3The Worst Baseball Team

Baek Seung Su finds something suspicious about a disagreement between Ko Se Hyeok, the scouting division head, and a scouting division member, Yang Won Seop, at the first-year player draft, regarding the team's selection of player Yu Min Ho over Lee Chang Kwon and tries to seek answers.

4Professional Scout Team

Baek Seung Su and Lee Se Young call everyone to identify irregularity of the scouting division. Meanwhile, an unexpected guest visits the office and their meeting takes a new turn.

5The one who smiling back home

Baek Seung Su and his team leave to California to recruit Miles, but they get bewildered by the unexpectedly high cost. In the meantime, Kyung Min offers Seung Su a new amount of money for the down payment of foreign players, and their target changes into someone unsuspected.

6Problem from America

The Dreams has an open recruitment process to fill an opening in the strategy and performance analysis division. Despite Seung Su being unaware, his brother Yeong Su applies for the position, displaying a high level of understanding in statistics and receiving a divided response from the panel of interviewers.

7The art of negotiation

After hearing that total funds for the Dreams will be cut by 30 percent in comparison to the previous year, Seung Su and the management team go into salary negotiations with a determined attitude. They change their way of calculating the salary of each player, to the dismay of some.

8How much I should get?

Despite initial roadblocks in salary negotiations, the Dreams and various players work out their differences and negotiate their contracts. Meanwhile, controversy surrounding Gil Chang Ju's interview on TV and Baek Yeong Su's employment leads to Seung Su receiving some bad news.

9Thank you for the dream General Manager Baek Seung Soo

General Manager Baek Seung Su agrees to resign from his post and Lee Se Young becomes interim general manager. The Dreams manages to bring good results at the 2019 KPB Rule 5 Draft and a sudden interview held with Gil Chang Ju surprises many people and leads to unexpected outcomes.

10Good Cop, Bad Cop

The players' association goes against the Dreams hosting practice sessions with their coaches during off-season. General Manager Baek Seung Su argues that it's only right that even players with lower salaries are allowed to practice and not pressured to rest during the two months.

11Changes for better

Kwon Kyeong Min orders Baek Seung Su to cancel plans for the players of the Dreams to go abroad for off-season training. Baek Seung Su convinces three special instructors with a not-so-pleasant history with the team to train the players during the off-season.

12Lim Dong Gyu vs Kang Doo Ki

The Dreams have begun off-season training and they face the Vikings in a practice game. Yu Min Ho is unable to produce the same quality in his pitches as before and the heads and coaches try to find a way for him to improve. Meanwhile, changes in personnel causes uproar in the Dreams' office.


The entire national baseball league is in a panic due to a drug scandal. Seung Su and General Manager Kim try to protect the Dreams and the Vikings respectively. However, the rumors about the drug-using players are widespread, and the baseball fans start suspecting Kang Du Ki and Lim Dong Gyu leading to Seung Su making an unexpected and important decision.

14Lim Dong Gyu return home

In order to bring back Lim Dong Gyu back to the Dreams, the general manager persuades the general manager of the Vikings with a deal emphasizing a bright future.

15Somehow I want to protect Dreams

News spreads of a trade between Kang Doo Ki and two second-string players, handled by President Kwon Kyeong Min. While the general manager is shocked by the decision, the management team rallies behind him to try to work even harder to offset the loss that the trade brought upon the team.


As Jaesong Group aims to switch its main industry, President Kwon makes the announcement to disband the Dreams. In order to salvage the team, Baek Seung Su urges him to give him a period of one week, in which he makes a bid to an IT company to persuade it to buy the team from Jaesong Group.