Strangers (2018)

44mDrama, Crime, Mistério

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Jonah Mulray é um professor que vê o mundo desabar quando sua esposa morre em um acidente de carro em Hong Kong. Embora sua esposa vivesse e trabalhasse lá há seis meses, o medo de voar de Jonah o impediu de visitá-la. Agora forçado a abandonar sua vida segura, ele deve se aventurar pelo mundo para identificar o corpo dela. No entanto, uma vez que ele chega lá, descobre uma verdade chocante e é arrastado mais fundo em uma teia de conspiração em um lugar estrangeiro e desconhecido.


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Jonah Mulray lives an ordinary life until he is told that his wife has been murdered in Hong Kong. He travels to repatriate her body, but discovers that she has been living a double life throughout their marriage as he uncovers a wider conspiracy.


After Megan's final heartbreacking phone message, Jonah tries to convince David that she was killed. But Jonah's search for proof uncovers further secrets that force him to question whether he even truly knew his wife at all.


When Jonah realises that his late wife Megan was involved with Hong Kong's most dangerous players, he starts to wonder whether those closest to her may know more than they have let on, dragging him further into a world of intrigue.


Jonah finds himself left adrift when David goes off the radar. Fuelled by suspicion and paranoia, Jonah tracks him down to the dazzling gambling island of Macau.


Jonah goes undercover to find out once and for all whether David is connected to Megan's death. Along the way he must confront a triad member and known killer.


Megan's last bequest leaves a trail of money that leads Jonah and David straight into the perilous jaws of Third Empire.


Blindsided by Lau’s abduction, David and Jonah embark on a desperate and frantic search that thrusts upon them to the devastating truth about Megan.