Strike Witches: 501 Butai Hasshin Shimasu! (2019)

15mAnimação, Comédia



Yoshika Miyafuji se junta à 501ª Joint Fighter Wing, uma unidade de defesa especializada em derrubar seres alienígenas conhecidos como Neuroi. No entanto, em dias sem invasão, ela e os membros da unidade estão realizando tarefas diárias como cozinhar e lavar roupas.


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1501st, Take Off!

The members of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing are humanity's greatest defense against the Neuroi threat. These rare and valuable records show a side of them you’ve never seen before…

2501st, Clean Your Dirty Rooms?

Hartmann's filthy room is to the point where it's out of control. The rest of the 501st comes to clean it, but finds things are worse than they feared.

3501st, Head Out To Shop?

It's payday, and payday means a shopping trip! But going into town to shop means getting in a car with speed demon Charlotte...

4501st, It's Time For Halloween?

It's time for Halloween, and the witches are ready to play tricks and get treats. But some doors are better left undisturbed...

5501st, Time For A Haircut?

Mio's hair is getting a little long, but is it safe to let anybody in the 501st cut it?

6501st, Are You Feeling Stressed?

War is tough, but Miyafuji is ready to solve everybody's stress-related problems.

7501st, Get Ready for Setsubun?

It's time for the Fuso holiday of Setsubun, and that means it's time for throwing beans, and eating yummy Fuso food!

8501st, Get Ready for Night Work?

The Neuroi are coming tonight, which means that everybody needs to stay up! How will they stay awake, though?

9501st, You Can't Fly Anymore?

Miyafuji's lost the ability to fly. Has she put on weight from eating everybody's food?

10501st, Are You Feeling the Heat?

It's the middle of summer, and everybody's burning up! How do they beat the heat?

11501st, Time to Save Lives?

Hartmann may look like a lazy slacker, but she's actually working really hard to learn to be a doctor! Now she wants to teach the others to do CPR, but...

12501st, You're Splitting Up?

It's time for the final battle, and the 501st isn't invited! Instead, they'll be taking a nice, safe vacation on a tropical island...