Super Sonico The Animation (2014)


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Anime da Super Sonico, a mascote da Nitroplus. A história mostra ela tentando equilibrar sua vida como modelo de fotos, cantora e estudante universitária.


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1I'll Do My Bets!

Super Sonico's classes end, and she heads to her part-time job to model. She has to wear a swimsuit for the shoot, but the individuals there want something with a bit more spice, so they ask her to wear another swimsuit which they're prepared for her. Sonico's nervous as she takes a peek to see what swimsuit they've given her.

2First Astronomical Velocity

Fujimi Suzu is the leader and bassist of First Astronomical Velocity, the band of which Sonico is a member. Watanuki Fuuri is on the drums. They'll all be playing in one of their regular concerts. Suzu shows Sonico a costume she had rushed ordered so that Sonico could wear it in their next concert. Sonico is ecstatic, but the clothing has some problems...

3Sonico Goes to Okinawa

Sonico goes to Okinawa for a modeling shoot. The first day she meets all the staff, and has dinner with them. The manager, Kitamura, shows Sonico back to her room so she could get some rest, but gets invited to go drinking by the client. Another man approaches when he hears Kitamura speaking so highly of his model...


Sonico gets a postcard from someone with no sender written. It seems to be from a tropical location, and there's only a few words printed. Sonico remembers her past. Everything started when she was into rock during middle school. She couldn't express herself honestly and with as much power as a rock musician, so she wanted to be like one. She finds a upperclassman who teaches her everything...

5New World

An editor spots the magazine featuring Sonico in Okinawa. Kinomoto Sayaka from Musashino Publications, a local magazine, gets access to Sonico for an around the clock interview. She didn't expect that Sonico's agency would grant them access, but once she's on the job, she finds things were different than she thought.

6Cruising of the Dead

Ouka-chan from Sonico's office gets a job promoting "Fat-burning Moel," a new product. Everyone gets invited to join her on a fancy cruise-liner for the ceremony. Suzu and Sonico stand on the deck of the liner together after the product launch, but a strange person approaches them...

7Star Rain

Sonico goes to take a trip on her own to Nigata. She gets on a bus and then the train. She gets off at a station to find food, but doesn't find a place that's easily accessible. She searches the town, but it stats to rain, and runs into someone in front of a shop.

8Super Sonico Murder Case

First Astronomical Velocity gets to practice for their concert at SuperNova. Fuuri comes late, and find Miina worried that Sonico won't respond, and is locked in the waiting room. They call the manager and get the door open, but find the floor covered in red, and Sonico lying there.

9Sonico's Longest Day

The Musasaka Festival has begun at Sonico's university. Sonico dresses up as a maid as she works hard in her class's cafe, but the light music club's president shows up suddenly, and wants Sonico to play the guitar in their concert because one of their members is out sick.

10Ramen and a Little Rice

Sonico finds a small, round, dirty cat by the side of the road. It cries out to her, and Sonico is taken aback by its cuteness, but she remembers how Fuuri and Suzu told her she shouldn't take in any more cats. She ends up taking in the cat, and names it Rice, but...

11A Saint Comes to Town

It's December and the town is buzzing with a Christmas feel. However, there was a department store built next to Sonico's hometown shopping district, and the district is seeing a huge drop of in its customers. The members of the district set up a Christmas operations center and call Suzu in for help...

12We're Right Here

First Astronomical Velocity prepares for their New Year's concert, but Suzu suddenly tells them they don't have enough funds to do the concert. Sonico and Suzu ask their friends to help them preform, and they gladly accept. First Astronomical Velocity will have their New Year's concert!