Taishou Otome Otogibanashi (2021)

24mAnimação, Drama, Comédia

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A história se passa na era Taisho, no Japão, e acompanha Tamahiko Shima, um jovem que perdeu sua mão direita em um acidente. Como tratamento para seu ferimento, Tamahiko se muda para uma área rural de Chiba, onde conhece Yuzuki, uma inocente garota que foi enviada pelo seu pai para se tornar sua esposa.


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1Yuzuki Arrives

Year 10 of the Taish? era. The life of Tamahiko Shima, who lives in exile in the country after having lost everything, changes completely with the arrival of the young and innocent Yuzuki.

2Tamahiko Dies

Spring of 1922 arrives and Tamahiko continues to get used to Yuzuki. Tamahiko receives a letter from her father, Tamayoshi, announcing that two of Tamahiko's siblings have been given marriage proposals and that, as a result, he has made a shocking decision that affects Tamahiko.

3The Black Lily

Tamahiko's sister, Tamako, arrives to settle in the mansion with her brother and Yuzuki, but she still shows a cold demeanor towards both of them. This causes Tamahiko's mood to sink again, until Yuzuki takes him for a walk to appreciate the beauty of the natural landscape around the house.

4Happiness Is Under the Moonlight

The mansion becomes more lively and Tamako and Yuzuki's bonds improve thanks to their shared passion for the famous singer Kotori Shiratori. Later, Yuzuki falls ill and collapses from working too hard, so Tamako and Tamahiko nurse her.

5September First

Tamako move to her uncle's house in Kobe to begin her studies in medicine. Later that day, Tamahiko and Yuzuki go shopping at the village market where they draw the attention of young Ryo Atsumi. At night, Yuzuki gives Tamahiko a birthday present.

6The Bad Girl

Tamahiko tracks Ryo down to her home, only to discover that she is the oldest of three younger siblings and her theft is due to the fact that her father is an abusive alcoholic. The next day, Tamahiko returns to Ryo's home to try to retrieve the bookmark she stole from him and Ryo agrees to return it if Tamahiko helps her younger siblings with their school homework.


Ryo's siblings and other kids from the village approach Tamahiko asking him to tutor them again. While Tamahiko is in the middle of a lesson, Ryo appears, who, with the excuse of cooking something for the kids, takes Yuzuki to the kitchen to have a conversation. Inspired by the tutoring, Tamahiko writes to his father asking to be allowed to return to school. Later, Ryotaro reveals that he is undecided about an offer received.

8Tamahiko Goes to School

Tamako finds out that Tamahiko wants to go back to school, so she puts him in touch with his uncle Tamasuke, who decides to help him. Meanwhile, Yuzuki learns about her favorite singer Kotori Shiratori coming to town for a performance, so Tamahiko decides to take a break from his studies for the remedial exam to go with Yuzuki and the local kids.

9Hakaru and Kotori

The famous singer Kotori and his brother Hakaru arrive at Tamahiko's villa. Kotori tells Yuzuki that she is working on a new song, but that she needs some advice about love to better communicate the message. Kotori also talks about how Hakaru used to love playing and singing music, but he had to give up after falling ill.

10Yuzuki Goes to Tokyo

Yuzuki receives a letter from her old friend and classmate, Midori, announcing that she is pregnant and getting married. Since they may not get a chance to meet again, Midori ask Yuzuki to pay her a visit. Yuzuki finally decides to go to Tokyo to meet Midori, tasking Ryo with looking after Tamahiko.

11In Search of Yuzuki

Tamahiko, worried about Yuzuki, decides to go to Tokyo. Ryo accompanies him, as she is also worried about her brother Ryotaro. The road is long since they cannot use the train. As they approach Tokyo, the effects of the earthquake become more apparent. In Tokyo, they met Tamako, who is helping the people affected by the earthquake. With no news from Tamako, Tamahiko searches the ruins of Tokyo for the missing Yuzuki.

12A Spring Storm

An injured Yuzuki reflects on some moments in her life since she met Tamahiko and laments her inability to express her feelings. She wishes she could survive and meet Tamahiko again.