Traces (2019)

46mMistério, Crime

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Tendo como cenário a deslumbrante paisagem escocesa dentro e ao redor de Dundee, três personagens femininas atraentes – Emma Hedges, Prof. Sarah Gordon e Prof. Kathy Torrance – unem forças para descobrir a verdade sobre um caso de assassinato não resolvido que está muito próximo de casa.


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Emma is now training as a forensic chemist - and on the cusp of seeing her mother's murder case finally solved, while Daniel has returned to Dundee to give evidence against Phil.


Emma Hedges' return to Dundee brings her mother's unsolved murder into sharp focus, but a fatal fire in a nightclub proves an ominous omen.


Glad of McKinven's help, Emma soon feels overwhelmed by the police interest and wonders what she's started. But when the stars align to put Daniel in her path, Emma feels a deep connection.


McKinven's initial enquiries ruffle feathers and a furious Julie chides Emma for dragging up the past. When Skye threatens Emma with a knife, it's clear that someone's hiding something.


Daniel's facing a culpable homicide charge for the Secrets fire and wants to protect Phil's reputation. But when Emma meets Phil for the first time, her instinct tells her to be wary of him.


Emma's accusation against Phil drives a wedge between her and Daniel. McKinven urges Emma to stop sleuthing, as he becomes certain that the person who killed her mother is known to her.


While Kathy oversees the excavation of Marie's grave, Daniel gives McKinven the lead he needs to make an arrest. But it's the exacting forensic science that finally brings peace for Emma.