Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu (2021)

24mAnimação, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



A história se passa em um mundo onde duas super potencial foram estabelecidas após uma guerra que durou 10 anos. O enredo acompanha Lev Leps, um candidato reserva de astronauta e sua companheira, Irina Ruminescu, uma vampira que é usada como cobaia para os diferentes cenários encontrados em missões espaciais. Os dois sonham em ir até o espaço, e acabam recebendo essa oportunidade quando são recrutados para a operação Nosferatu, um projeto que pretende colocar a União das Repúblicas de Zirnitra na frente da guerra espacial que se formou entre as duas potências.


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1The Nosferatu Project

In his motherland's race to claim the first human spaceflight, cosmonaut candidate Lev Leps is assigned to a secret project which involves an outrageous experiment.

2The Path to Becoming a Cosmonaut

Lev takes Irina through the cosmonaut training routine. While she surprises Lev and Anya in some aspects, other areas give her trouble.

3Night Flight

As the voices opposing Irina's existence become louder and louder, Lev comes up with a special plan to help overcome her fear of heights.

4A Promise by the Lake

With less than a month until launch, Lev takes Irina into town for a little fun before she dives into days of solitude training.

5Training Separately

While Irina undergoes her solitude training, a visitor from Sangrad with special interest in N44 has come to watch the candidates train.


A terrible dream leaves Irina shaken and unable to continue training. As Anya and Lev try to get her back on track, there's even more bad news about the test flight.

7Lycoris Cooking Show

Though Lev is confined due to his actions, the launch must go on as scheduled. As Irina takes to the skies, those on the ground pray for a successful mission.

8A Maiden's Prayer

Now that the test launch is over, Lev is given new orders. His training pulls him apart from Irina who falls into Anya's care over New Years.

9The White Rose of Sangrad

An incident during training sheds some light on Roza's fierce attitude. And after a long time apart, Irina has something important to tell Lev.

10A Cold Spring

Irina and Lev spend some time together before they're pulled apart. As the launch date quickly closes in, the decision is made as to who will pilot the first human spaceflight.

11Lies and Truths

As Lev prepares for space, he discovers that Irina has been lying to him. Worried about her, Lev expresses his gratitude in the only way that he can.

12To the New World

With the whole world listening, Lev wants to make sure Irina isn't forgotten. But the Delivery Crew has their own plans for Irina and plots to seize her during the ceremony.