Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu (2018)

24mAnimação, Drama

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Minato Narumiya, treinava arco e flecha japonês, mas depois de um certo incidente, ele se afastou do esporte. No ensino médio, Minato conhece novos amigos e juntos, como parte do clube de arquearia de sua escola, eles pretendem ganhar o torneio da província.


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1The Young Man on the Shooting Range

Quando Narumiya Minato se junta à Distrital Escola de Kazemai, ele é rapidamente convidado a se juntar ao clube de tiro com arco pelo conselheiro do clube, Tommy-sensei. Seus amigos de infância Takehaya Seiya e Yamanouchi Ryohei rapidamente concordam em se juntar, mas Minato está hesitante no começo. Como Minato é o raro aluno com experiência em arco e flecha, Tommy-sensei o ordena a fazer uma demonstração, o que Minato fará ... exceto que sua flecha não atinge o alvo. É revelado que Minato desenvolveu uma terrível disfunção no arco e flecha.

1Summer Calls

The school prepares for the annual Sports Tournament and other students note Minato’s absence. However, a familiar sound tells his friends where they can find him.

2At Wit's End

After his failure at the kyudo club briefing, Minato flees the school, and ends up encountering a mysterious archer named Masa-san. Though on his guard at first, Masa-san's lighthearted personality slowly helps him to open up.

2All in the Mind

Each participant in the regionals has their own worries and hopes. They are all different, but the one thing that unites them all is kyudo.

3Just as They Met

When Minato finally joins the Kazemai Kyudo Club, most of the boys accept him immediately. Kaito alone holds a grudge over Minato's wishy-washy behavior. Minato tries to smooth things over, but.

3Winds of a Brewing Storm

Kazemai’s performance earned them victory. However, another team is quickly making a name for themselves with their unorthodox yet ?effective kyudo techniques.

4A Poor Fit

As the team's new coach, Masa-san decides to hold a training camp to help the kyudo club pass the tournament preliminaries. But first, he holds a mock tournament within the club, with a humiliating punishment for the loser.

5A Frequent Messenger

For losing the match, the boys have to act as servants during their training camp. But does working all day mean they'll have no time to practice kyudo?

6The Reason for Shooting

At Kirisaki, a private high school with a renowned kyudo club, the first-year Fujiwara Shu's skill with a bow stands out. This holds true even when choosing their participants for the prefectural preliminaries.


The prefectural tournament preliminaries finally begin. When the students from Kazemai and Kirisaki run into each other, Minato is happy to see Shu again - but Kaito is only interested in picking a fight.

8Taking Aim

The boys finally compete in the group match. While Kaito is focused on making up for his individuals performance, Minato is reinvigorated by his reunion with Shu.

9An Unshown Hand

The Kazemai Kyudo Club has managed to break through the preliminaries and is now preparing for finals. But Seiya's seemingly unflappable demeanor is beginning to show cracks.

10Linked Heart

When Seiya develops a fever and stays home from school, friction develops between the remaining members of the team. Does Masa-san hold a trump card to solve their problems?

11The Pain of Empty Release

Seiya has bounced back from his earlier gloom, and the team is practicing in earnest for the tournament. But when Minato forgets something in the Kyudo Hall, he overhears Masa-san talking to Tommy-sensei.

12Five Arrows

The news of Masa-san's accident has shaken the boys of the Kazemai kyudo club. The girls manage to get their heads back in the game, but will they be able to pass through to the finals under these conditions?


Having overcome various trials, the members of the reborn Kazemai Kyudo Club have deepened the bonds that they share. As the final match of the tournament approaches, what will the future hold for these young men who have grown together through kyudo?