Uramichi Oniisan (2021)

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Ser adulto é difícil. Para Uramichi Omota, de 31 anos, essa verdade deprimente pesa sobre ele. Enquanto está na TV, ele é um instrutor de exercícios otimista para um programa infantil, mas às vezes ele não consegue manter seus comentários sarcásticos para si mesmo. Até mesmo seus colegas de trabalho, um par de mascotes e uma dupla de cantores, continuam revelando a situação da vida adulta no ar. Independentemente disso, eles estão trabalhando nisso um por dia de cada vez.


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Uramichi Omota is a gymnast Oniisan in a children's show Together with Maman. One day, one of the kids asks him why he isn't married and has no children even though he's older than her dad.

2Senpai and Kohai

Another day at Together with Maman. Uramichi doesn't like the facilitator character in the show's new segment, Uramichi's Advice Room.

3Wash Your Hands and Gargle

On Together with Maman, the cast members try to teach kids the importance of washing their hands and gargling by performing a play.

4Long, Hot Summer

Director Derekida wants the cast members of Together with Maman to perform on the beach for the music video for a song titled "Long, Hot Summer."

5Once This Concert Is Over…

Together with Maman is holding a concert. Iketeru and Utano have something in mind as to what they want to do once the concert is over.

6That Thing That You Can't Remember the Name of

Uramichi cannot remember the name of a certain thing and has been trying to remember it. Also, the cast and crew of Together with Maman go on a company trip.

7I Can Do It by Myself

Derekida and Furode come up with an idea for a new segment, which ends up revealing one of Iketeru's weaknesses. Meanwhile, a director asks the cast members about the dreams they've had recently.

8Servility and Conscience

A girl overhears Kumao talking to Usao about servility. When Kumao can't tell her what the word means, she goes to Uramichi and ask him to explain what it means.

9Young People These Days

The cast members of Together with Maman come to know two new employees of the company. Derekida asks Uramichi to bring these two, who usually don't attend company gatherings, to a year-end party.

10Subzero Spiral

Now that the summer music video "Long, Hot Summer" is completed, the director tells the cast members of Together with Maman that they are going to shoot another music video.

11Fateful Encounter

The cast members of Together with Maman teach children traffic safety rules and how important it is to check both ways before crossing the street.

12Awkward Smile

A conversation between Uramichi and Edei leads Usahara and Kumatani to recall their college days where they shared a dorm room with Uramichi.

13Together with Maman Forever

The cast of Together with Maman are feeling like a final-episode-esque incident might happen today. Will something happen?