Vampire Knight (2008)

30mAnimação, Drama, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Mistério

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A memória mais antiga de Yuki é de uma noite de quando tinha cerca de 5 anos. No meio de uma tempestade de neve, ela foi atacada por um vampiro e salva por outro, chamado Kaname Kuran, um dos poucos puro-sangue existentes. Dez anos após, Yuki Cross se torna filha adotiva do diretor da Academia Cross, crescendo e se tornando monitora do colégio, junto com Zero Kiryuu, um rapaz que teve sua família morta por um vampiro. A Academia de Kaien Cross tem como objetivo provar que é possível a convivência pacífica entre vampiros e humanos e tentar promover a compreensão entre as duas raças, mesmo que a classe diurna, composta apenas por humanos, não façam a menor idéia de quem realmente são os alunos da turma noturna. A tarefa dos monitores é justamente impedir que os alunos do turma diurna descubram essa verdade e, para isso, precisam estar sempre atentos para manter tudo sob controle. Entretanto, ainda existem muitos vampiros, principalmente fora daqueles muros, que não compartilham dos mesmo ideais de Kaien.


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1Burden of Sinners

After Shizuka Hio’s death, peace is restored at the academy. But when Zero returns, the vampires of the Senate accuse him of murder.

1Night of Vampires

Cross Academy has two sessions, the Day Class and the Night Class; the latter consists of students who are beautiful, intelligent ... and vampires!

2The Eternal Promise

Yuki has a lot on her mind after almost being kissed by Zero. She asserts that she will not speak to Kaname until he admits to Zero’s innocence.

2Memories of Blood

Yuki is busy patrolling the school grounds for Day Class girls who are trying to sneak chocolates to the Night Class boys for St. Xocolatl’s Day.

3The Azure Portrait

The Night Class goes to the Aido family’s vacation home during the long break, but Hanabusa decides to stay at the academy to investigate Kaname.

3The Fang of Penitence

When Zero suddenly leaves the school grounds, Yuki goes after him and roams the streets alone, until a mysterious mother and child appear before her.

4Devil's Awakening

While the Night Class is at the Aido family’s vacation home, Yuki, driven by her desire to stop hurting Zero, tries to regain her memory of the past.

4Trigger of Condemnation

Seeing the state Yuki is in, Kaname takes her from Zero, who is speechless when he realizes what he has done. Yuki cries, unaware of Zero’s secret.

5The Subordinate's Trap

Yuki is continually haunted by visions of blood. Nevertheless, she is determined to find out about her past from Kaname.

5Moonlight Festivities

A new ethics teacher arrives at Cross Academy. His atypical looks are all the buzz among the Day Class; even Zero has lost his usual composure.

6The Fake Lovers

Kaname asks Yuki to be his lover. The Night Class guards begin accompanying her everywhere, and Yuki cannot hide her embarrassment.

6Their Choices

Zero is tempted to sink his fangs into Yuki, and even though he's able to regain his composure, he finds himself the target of a teacher.

7The Kiss of Thorns

Senri returns to the Academy, but upon having a confidential talk with Ichiru, he becomes noticeably different from before.

7The Scarlet Maze

Yuki makes a decision regarding Zero, who is determined to fight his affliction until the very end. Yuki feels guilty for betraying Kaname.

8Spiraling Recollections

Yuki wakes up a vampire, and her memory of her childhood returns. She now remembers her father, her mother and her brother.

8Gunshot of Sorrow

There's a commotion in the Moon dormitory when the Night Class gets word that Takuma’s grandfather, a figure in the vampire world, will be visiting.

9Revival of the Mad Emperor

Yuki now understands who she really is. Worried about Zero, she sneaks out of her room to find him -- but he simply can't accept what she has become.

9Crimson Gaze

Day Class students are chasing after the Night Class due to the upcoming dance. Meanwhile, the Headmaster asks Yuki to show a transfer student around.

10Prelude to the Battle

The Headmaster calls for an emergency evacuation of the Day Class students, as Rido’s servant vampires begin attacking the students.

10The Princess of Darkness

Zero tutors Yuki for an exam, but all the while something is wrong with him. Meanwhile, at the Moon dormitory, Kaname confronts Maria in his room.

11Two Souls

In order to protect the academy, the Headmaster confronts the head of the Hunter Society while Rido is still on the rampage.

11Consequence of Desire

Maria’s masked servant reveals himself as a jealous figure from Zero's past whom Zero has not seen since their separation long ago.

12World's End

Yuki decides that as Guardian, she must protect all the students at the academy and fight Rido.

12Vow of the Pureblood

Yuki learns Maria's true identity. With this new information, Yuki accepts a deal to offer her blood in order to save Zero.

13Vampire Knight

All of Zero’s strength is not enough to kill Rido -- he will need Kaname's help. But the fight will leave Cross Academy devastated.

13Crimson Chains

Shizuka suffers a wound. Meanwhile, Yuki and Zero try to find out where Shizuka may have gone, but Zero's constantly thwarted by his Level E seizures.