Vlad Love (2021)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Mitsugu Banba é uma garota do colegial que encontra sentido em doar sangue. Ela frequentemente visita um banco de sangue para doar sangue, apesar de ter sido tratada duramente pela enfermeira. Um dia, ela encontra uma bela garota que parece ser do exterior no banco de sangue. A menina pálida parece que está prestes a desmaiar a qualquer minuto, mas então, ela começa a destruir o banco de sangue. A garota perde a consciência e Mitsugu a leva para casa.


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1Vampire Girl, Bloody Excited

Mitsugu Bamba, who loves to donate blood, encounters vampire girl Maid Vlad Transylvania.

2Night Flight on Love

Mitsugu discovers that different types of blood affect Mai's personality. Mai ends up drunk and goes on a night-time romp.

3Sabbath Night Fever

Maki invites Mai for a garlic dinner and Kaoru invites Mai for a costume party, and she ends up causing trouble at both venues.

4Salamander's Night

Everyone is now suspicious of Mai and want to know more about her. Mitsugu attempts to hide Mai, but a bottle of dragon blood turns Mai into a rampaging monster.

5Daddy Came

The fathers of Mai and Mitsugu, a vampire and a vampire hunter, pay a visit to see their daughters.

6Castle of Vania

The Blood Donation Club puts on a stage play.

7Day for Night

The Blood Donation Club makes a film.

8Looong story...

The nurse hangs on to a special bottle of blood from her youth. Everyone wants to know the history of that bottle.

9Bolt Style

Mitsugu travels around a wonderland looking for blood and meets the Blood Donation Club in various new roles.

10Fiancé's a Frankenstein's Monster

The Blood Donation club meets Mai's fiancée, the undead monster Franken Yasohachi.

11A Midsummer Night's Operation: Mystery

The Blood Donation Club heads to a isolated island for a summer holiday. However, a fish monster is on the island and Nami goes missing.

12Interview With Mai

Mai agrees to an interview about her history.