Walkure Romanze (2013)


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A história, inspirada em uma visual novel, gira em torno de Takahiro Mizuno, um estudante em treinamento para ser um Begleiter (Assistente de Cavaleiro), em uma academia onde aspirantes a cavaleiro competem entre si. Ele próprio havia chegado à academia para se tornar um cavaleiro depois de se tornar um campeão de seu país de origem. Entretanto, uma lesão nas finais de um torneio o obrigou a desistir de competir. Então, ele decide ser o Begleiter de uma das cavaleiras da academia e ajudá-la a vencer.


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1The Flower Garden

Knights hold lances and thrust at each other with them. It's jousting. Mizuno Takahiro goes to Winford Academy and wanted to be a knight, but he got hurt, and stopped working towards that dream. Now he's a begleiter. He doesn't have a partner yet. Lots of women abound. There's a lot going on.

2Sakura's Trial

Mio Kisaki, a normal student in her second year, has been friends with Takahiro since he came abroad. There was a little misunderstanding, and now she's going to duel with Bertille, a second year knight. Takahiro couldn't stand back and watch--he's gonna be her begleiter. Mio doesn't even know how to hold a lance, but she realizes jousting is fun while Takahiro teaches her. All the women who wanted Takahiro to be their begleiter are surprised.

3The Morning of the Duel

Takahiro elicits helps from Noel a second-year knight student who wants to show just how strong she is by helping to train Mio. The day of the duel comes, and Mio doesn't just learn how fun jousting can be, but also how tough. You'll be surprised how different Mio looks when she shows up to meet Takahiro in the morning. It's time for Mio's duel with Bertille. What will happen?

4What It Takes to Be a Knight

Akane Ryuuzouji: a woman given an A-ranking in the knight division, a trusted confidant of Mio, and also hails from the same land as Takahiro. A girl in black armor appears before Akane. Akane gets into a fight with some underclassman, and as a result ends up having to fight that black knight. The first year Lisa Eostre is the one wearing that suit of armor! Meanwhile, Mio find herself lost now that she doesn't need to joust anymore...

5Girls Without Their Armor

Mio realizes how she truly feels about jousting and decides to participate in the summer tournament! Celia, the student council president, invites Mio to have tea with her so she can see how Mio really feels about jousting. After having her entry accepted, Mio goes to visit Noel's house with Takahiro. They meet Noel's younger sister who is confined to a wheelchair, Mireille. Takahiro and Mio learn about why Noel really wants to participate in the summer tournament...

6Time Off in Helen's Hill

Takahiro runs into Lisa by chance one day, and then learns from Reina, the student council vice president, about Lisa's past. He is then asked by her to become Lisa's begleiter. Takahiro does not know what to do, as he is also being asked by Celia and Noel. Takahiro wanders around town on their day off, only to run into the girls who are also spending their day off in different ways. Takahiro talks a little bit about the arena in which all knights wish to find themselves someday...

7Under the Windmill

Akane finds herself weak as she admires Celia just way too much. She decides that she must undergo training to overcome this, but rain comes instead. She goes to find shelter in a windmill, and finds Celia there, as well. There's trouble, and they find themselves unable to leave the windmill. Takahiro realizes something is up, and he comes to find them, but you'll never believe what happens...

8I Wish Upon A Shooting Star

The girls go to Bertille's summer home to go and train for the upcoming summer tournament. This house even has a outdoor bath, but the girls work hard, sometimes having fun along the way. Takahiro and Ayako are there as support to help out. Takahiro learns why Noel wishes to fight one night, and also learns more about himself. Mio runs into Takahiro in the bath during his reflection. The girls show up looking for Mio and high jinks ensue.

9The Maidens' Festival

On the day before the summer tournament is the Miss Winford Contest, a competition to decide the most beautiful girl in the academy. Amid the excitement around the school, a rumor spreads that Takahiro will become the winner's begleiter!


It's finally the day of the summer tournament. Takahiro, who is participating as a begleiter, tries to convey his intentions to everyone, but an emergency suddenly takes him away from the action.

11Where Victory Lies

As the tournament reaches its climax, Akane and Celia face off on the quarterfinal stage. The Akane who couldn't even talk to her admired senpai before is nowhere to be found, and both fight with all their strength. Then, as the semifinals are about to begin, Noel's father arrives at the academy...

12When Summer Ends

Noel and Celia face off as Takahiro watches. Noel's feelings toward the younger sister she fought so hard for bring about a miracle, and as Takahiro looks on, he once again realizes the path he must take.