WataMote (2013)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Drama

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Kuroki Tomoko é uma garota popular que tem mais de 50 anos de experiência em namoros com mais de 100 meninos? Mas, isso tudo no mundo virtual do jogo Otome. No mundo real, ela é uma simples colegial de 15 anos que tem todas as qualidades de uma ?Mojo?. Apesar da experiência virtual, na escola as coisas não estão indo como ela esperava, ela não é tão popular como ela tinha pensado que era, ela lança um olhar sobre si mesma no espelho pela primeira vez em alguns anos, e tem algumas revelações chocantes.


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1Como não sou popular, mudarei minha imagem um pouco

Kuroki Tomoko thought she would instantly become popular once she entered high school... but the reality is that, two months after starting school, she still hasn't spoken with any of her classmates. As other kids in her class laugh over photos from their recent karaoke outing, Tomoko sits alone reading a book while she eats her lunch. That's when she decides it's time to take action so she can learn to converse with others - especially boys.

2Como não sou popular, vou ver meu velho amigo

Tomoko is enjoying her "Yandere Boys' Verbal Abuse" CD in her room when her phone rings. The caller is her friend from middle school, Yuu-chan. Yuu-chan was plain and geeky in middle school, but Tomoko hasn't seen her since they graduated. Realizing that Yuu-chan will probably ask her how high school life is going, Tomoko sets out to live a fulfilling high school life that she can tell her old friend all about...

3Como não sou popular, o clima é ruim

It's a very rainy, windy day. Tomoko forgets her textbook, but she can't bring herself to ask the boy next to her to let her see his, and she doesn't have friends in other classes to borrow one from. She tries to erase her presence and go unnoticed, but the teacher spots her easily. Ruing her luck, Tomoko starts home in the rain, but another tragedy awaits as she stands over a flooded channel, watching the water lapping at the bottom of the bridge...

4Como não sou popular, vou ter um bom sonho

Tomoko reads on the internet that sleeping on one's stomach can lead to sexual dreams, so she immediately tries it, but has nothing but nightmares. The next day in class, a sleep-deprived Tomoko overhears some girls talking about being molested on a train. Tomoko begins to wonder why she never gets molested and calls her friend Yuu-chan to ask if it's ever happened to her...

5Como não sou popular, vou melhorar minhas habilidades

Tomoko, still not popular after being in high school for three months, is starting to feel pressure. Then she sees an anime whose heroine is a silent, expressionless girl. Tomoko decides that the thing she's lacked all this time is a character setting, and endeavors to become a silent, expressionless character. For one day, she's determined to be a silent, cool, cute girl...

6Como não sou popular, vou ver os fogos de artifício

Just before summer break starts, Tomoko asks herself if it's really okay to let the first semester end before finding someone to go see a fireworks show with. When she looks in the mirror, the bags under her eyes are gone and she sees a new Tomoko looking back at her!

7Como não sou popular, vou aproveitar minhas férias de verão

Tomoko was excited to think that she could spend all day playing games and watching movies and still have plenty of summer break left, but before she knew it, she'd used up six days doing nothing. Realizing with fear how quickly a day goes by, Tomoko searches the web for ways to enjoy summer break alone, but before she knows it, another day is gone...

8Como eu não sou popular, eu vou colocar nos ares

Tomoko's mother tells her that her middle-school-aged cousin Kii-chan is coming to visit. Since Tomoko always acted the role of a smart, popular girl in front of Kii-chan in the past, she starts to think up ways to keep her cousin from finding out that her stories about her boyfriend were all lies.

9Como não sou popular, o verão está terminando

As summer break nears its end, Tomoko is looking forward to seeing a movie with Yuu-chan, but gets a phone call informing her that the date has been canceled. Tomoko is shocked, convinced that Yuu-chan has finally grown sick of her... But when Yuu-chan treats her to cake as an apology at the café where she works, Tomoko decides that she wants to be part of a trendy work environment, too...

10Como não sou popular, o segundo termo está começando

As the new school term begins, a seating change moves Tomoko to the second row directly in front of the teacher's desk, surrounded by classmates who have a ball talking to one another. The thought of sitting there for the whole term quickly makes Tomoko's stomach hurt. After returning from the restroom during the lunch break to find her chair in use by another student, Tomoko sets out to search the school for a place to eat her lunch in peace...

11Como não sou popular, vou participar do Festival Cultural

Tomoko's class is bustling with preparations for the upcoming culture festival. Having contributed nothing whatsoever with two days left before the event, Tomoko decides she'd better help today, or who knows what her classmates will say? So she musters up her courage and speaks up, but a tragedy occurs in the middle of her task... That night, Tomoko tells Yuu-chan about the upcoming festival, and Yuu-chan says she'll come on the second day. Tomoko is determined to do the best she can to enjoy the festival...

12Como não sou popular, pensarei sobre o futuro

The culture festival is over, and it's back to life as usual. As fall sets in, Tomoko asks herself what exactly she's been doing all this time, and begins to feel like her life is flashing before her eyes... Making the decision to focus on the future instead of regretting the past, Tomoko finds a future plans questionnaire in her school bag. She decides to call Yuu-chan to see what she thinks, but is reminded of a past she'd have just as soon forgotten...