Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki (2019)




Kaito Jin é um estudante do segundo ano do ensino médio que acaba de se mudar para Aichi . Em sua nova escola, ele rapidamente conhece Monaka Yatogami , uma garota que fala em Nagoya-ben (um dialeto usado na cidade de Nagoya ). Com seus amigos, Yatogami irá apresentá-lo à cultura e tradições de Nagoya!


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1We Meet Again

I went through a lot after moving to Nagoya and being forced to join the photography club, but I've pretty much settled in by now. My clubmates are Yatogame-chan with the thick Nagoya accent, Tadakusa Mai from Gifu Prefecture, and the club president Sasatsu Yanna, who's from Mie Prefecture. I'm gonna have them teach me some more of the Nagoya dialect today! I really wish they'd stop saying "chin-chin" over and over, though...


I just moved from Tokyo to Nagoya. I was looking forward to experiencing Nagoya's unique dialect and food culture, but so far no one has spoken with an accent, and they don't actually put miso on everything they eat. I was honestly a bit disappointed... but then, on my way home from school, I heard a girl speaking with such a heavy accent that she sounded like a cat! It seems her name is Yatogame Monaka. I wonder if I'll ever see her again...

2I Ain't Scary

Não temos uma sinopse em Português do Brasil. Você pode ajudar a ampliar o nosso banco de dados adicionando uma.


The student handbook belonging to Yatogame-san that I picked up yesterday has a packet of miso taped to the back... She can't be a normal girl if she carries that around. On the way to school, I glance inside a café... and see Yatogame-san! This is my chance not only to return her student handbook, but to talk to her again! So I head into the café...

3It Ain't Dull

It's the day of the ball sports tournament! But just what the heck is this "taspony" sport we're playing? And why is it that nobody I ask about it knows, either?! It seems like even Toshika wasn't really able to talk to Yatogame about it... According to Yatogame, taspony is sort of like tennis, except you play it with your bare hands. Just what kind of sport is this, anyway?

3I'll Nyaa-ver Allow It

I was having trouble deciding which club to join at school, but apparently, someone decided that I'd be joining the photography club. Frankly, I wanted something a little more exciting... As I opened the club room door, I saw a girl feverishly taking pictures of Yatogame. I was hoping she'd show me some cute pictures of Yatogame... so how did I get roped into taking pictures of tourist spots instead?

4I Didn't Leave Nothin' Out

It's hot... So hot... But I've been through this before, haven't I? But as we were sitting in the club room melting away, someone popped out of a locker. Turns out it wasn't the product of some curse; it was just the photography club advisor, Rara-sensei. Wait, she was in the locker all that time, in this awful heat? She seems kinda spacey... I'm a little worried about her...

4No Good Pictures

Today is my photography contest with Yatogame. We were supposed to meet at Nagoya Station, but I couldn't find her anywhere until we ran into each other near a golden clock. She said the golden clock is the only place where people meet up at Nagoya Station, but how was I supposed to know that?! So now Yatogame is dragging me off to take pictures of famous spots around Nagoya... but just where is she going to take me?

5It Ain't a Main Dish

Ugh, I caught a cold... I sent my sister out to buy a few things, but when the door to our house opened later, the one who came in was... Yatogame? Why? What's she doing in my room? And what does "I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do" mean?! As I'm waiting anxiously to find out, Yatogame returns with a pot of miso-stewed udon and... what? Rice? I don't need rice with udon...

5Not Gonna Teach You

I just can't seem to make friends with Yatogame... I keep trying to find things to talk about with her, but she always brushes me aside. Why did Tadakusa-chan volunteer me for the photography club? Isn't it because I'm an outsider that I can't get Yatogame to be my friend?! But come to think of it, Tadakusa-chan and Sasatsu-san aren't from Nagoya, either... So is there some other reason?

6I Ain't Backin' Down

The term "the Nagoya skip" came into use when Nagoya was removed from the Nozomi Shinkansen's route, and it's been a real problem for the people of Nagoya. Toshika's upset because the band she likes isn't doing a concert here. Even the anime lineup is different here. Fear the Nagoya skip!

6Let's Go to Sugakiya

I finally managed to exchange contact info with Yatogame! I thought that meant I'd be able to enjoy her accent from anywhere, but every reply she sends me is in standard Japanese... Sasatsu even said that Yatogame's messages to her are in the Nagoya dialect, but she won't use it when messaging me. Her replies are always so blunt, too... I wonder if I did something wrong...

7I Ain't Skippin' It

Man, what's with this "Nagoya skip" anyway? Nothing good has happened since we moved to Nagoya, Tadakusa-san! Local idols? Are any of them hot guys? Wait, no way... oh my God... I have no choice but to support this! Onii-chan, I'm about to watch some music videos, so keep out!

7Not Like That

The other photography club members are throwing me a welcome party. Due to our lack of club funds, each of us can only bring up to 300 yen worth of snacks. I ended up buying Baby Star, Young Donuts, and Kuppy Ramune, but now Yatogame is whispering something to Tadakusa-chan and Sasatsu...

8It Ain't a Building

I suggested that our club take part in the Nagoya Symbol Photo Contest, but no one seems excited about it! If we're talking about the symbol of Nagoya, it's gotta be Nagoya Castle, right?! The golden shachihoko statues are the embodiment of Nagoya! We've gotta go take pictures there! Right? You agree, don't you, Yatogame? ...Yatogame?

8This Ain't Akiba

Since I'm in the photography club, I should have my own camera! I'd love to have an awesome camera like Tadakusa-chan's, but those things are way more than a high school student can afford... So I asked Yatogame where she got hers, and she said it came from a second-hand store called Komehyo (which I thought was a rice shop at first...). The club members agreed that we'd all visit the Komehyo in Osu together the next day, but it's long past our meeting time and Tadakusa-chan and Sasatsu are nowhere to be found...

9It Ain't Weird

I walked into the club room to find Yatogame bound to a chair... Apparently, Tadakusa-chan doesn't agree with the saying that Nagoya is one of the three ugliest populations in Japan. What's going on with Yatogame's hairstyle, anyway? Sasatsu and Tadakusa-chan are doing all kinds of things to her. And what's a "Nagoya maki"? Does it involve fried shrimp?

9Nothin' To Do With It

We joined up with Tadakusa-chan when she was finished fangirling like crazy at her idol concert. Apparently she loves cute things like idols and anime characters. As we were talking about that, Yatogame suddenly blurted out, "It's 2:00!" and took off somewhere. And we still haven't run into Sasatsu yet. Where the heck are those two?

10It Ain't Weak

Summer in Nagoya is as hot as ever. I really think Tadakusa-chan should switch to her summer uniform now... We all stopped by a convenience store to buy ice pops. What did Yatogame get? A Jun Hit Chocolate Bar? What is that? Is it new? And Sasatsu got... the Azuki Bar that's famous for being super hard, huh? And what about Tadakusa-chan?

10Just Gotta Put Some On

I grabbed a tonkatsu lunch from the cafeteria, but it was too crowded to eat in there, so I headed for the club room. Yatogame was already inside when I got there, about to eat a lunch she brought from home that she apparently made herself... but the only things in it were cucumbers, grilled eggplant, konnyaku, and tofu, all things that came straight out of a package and took no preparation. So I commented that she had nothing to complement her rice, and she pulled out something new...

11I Ain't Yer Servant

We were out walking around with Yatogame-chan when some grade school kid called out to her. Seems her name is Itemae Shiharu, and she and her friend, Koshiyasu Nanaho, are visiting Nagoya from out of town. Turns out Itemae is Yatogame's cousin, and she's... in middle school? Yatogame's acting really weird, though... And now Sasatsu and Tadakusa-chan are, too?!

11It Ain't Cool Here

Hot... hot... it's way too hot. Summer in Nagoya is so ridiculously hot! This heavy, muggy heat feels like it's plastering itself onto my entire body, and even my eyesight's starting to fade... But the next thing I knew, I was underground, with Yatogame and Tadakusa-chan next to me. Did they carry me down here? Yatogame says I must have a death wish, walking above ground in Nagoya during the summer. Just what the heck is the deal with summers in this city?

12It Ain't Number Three

It looks like Yatogame was really shocked to hear someone say that Nagoya isn't one of Japan's three major cities. I mean, there are so many other cities in Japan, like Sapporo, Kyoto, Kobe, Sendai, Hiroshima, Fukuoka... But that aside, Yatogame seems to be having some kind of nightmare...

12See Y'all Again

There's no school today, so I'm hanging out with the photography club gang. We decided to meet up at 8:00 AM, which is pretty early, but they tell me there's a good reason. So I've followed them to... Rent-a-Car? Is this just a karaoke place that called itself Rent-a-Car, or did we walk into a car rental place by mistake?! There are still so many things in Nagoya that are a mystery to me...